As Tucas: balaclava and sleeping bag foot sleeve

Marco has been making things for me 🙂

photo 2I like the idea of using a balaclava rather than using a sleeping bag hood. Until now I’ve not been able to find a suitable one. the As Tucas Sestrals balaclava looked ideal, except I didn’t want it in red. Marco said he could do it in Momentum 90 in black with Apex 67 insulation.

Although it is in heavier gauge material than the standard balaclava, it still only weighs 48g. I’ll probably remove the bungees. It feels very nice and fits well. I reckon it should be great instead of a sleeping bag hood and it can be used instead of a hood with a jacket if required. The workmanship is excellent, so if you want a really warm balaclava, have a look at this one. Marco now does it in a range of colours.

photo 1No matter how careful you are, sometimes the foot of your sleeping bag can get damp from touching the wall of your tent or shelter. In the past I’ve put my waterproof jacket or smock over the end of my bag. This works well, but is not an option if the jacket or smock is wet from rain. A bivy bag is overkill if you are in a tent, so enter the sleeping bag foot sleeve.

It weighs a puny 36g and covers the bottom 70cms of a sleeping bag. I’ve pictured it with my Alpkit Pipedream 600, which is my largest bag. It has an elasticated draw cord with cord lock at the top to stop it slipping down. It’s made of very light weight, breathable Momentum 50 fabric, which is moderately water resistant (I might use some NikWax TX10 on it as well).  Again, the workmanship is excellent.

I’ve got another couple of items that Marco is tweaking and will share with you when they return. Marco is making some excellent stuff and is open to bespoke work as well.

Disclosure: I have no formal or financial relationship with As Tucas

6 thoughts on “As Tucas: balaclava and sleeping bag foot sleeve”

  1. €47 minimum for a hood seems a lot of money imo. I use the hood off my down jacket which is detachable. I hope you get the use out of it.
    But the insulated trousers at €100 i would say is a good price, but black instead of red would be better.
    Is the bag foot breathable? you could end up with condensation if not. Just a thought. Its good that you can also use it as a stuff sack.
    I am impressed with some of the gear and quality is very important.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Yes the foot bag is breathable. I’ve been using the hood from my Minimus jacket with my sleeping bags, but the balaclava is more suitable as it reaches further down my neck. I can also use it with a my Rab Generator jacket which doesn’t have a hood. Marco is happy to use other colours, you just need to contact him.

  2. Hi,

    I have also the problem that sometimes my sleeping bag is wet at my feet. So the sleeping bag sleeve looks a great solution to solve it. Now I used my jacket but when it’s already wet that’s not possible. Is this custom built or can you buy it at a online shop.

    With this sleeve it will be delivered a lot more comfort when I’m sleeping under my MLD Trailstar.


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