Ecco Biom Hike Mid bargain

IMG_0714My Biom Hike Mids are the most comfortable leather boots I’ve used. Normally they retail for £170, but I spotted a pair on Amazon for £126 in black. As they have disappeared from some official Ecco websites, I wonder whether they are about to be discontinued.

As these seemed to be a bit of a bargain, I thought I’d buy a pair and keep them in storage. I’m sure my existing Biom Hikes will last for another couple of years. The limiting factor is likely to be the GoreTex lining.  If you find boots that fit well, they are worth their weight in gold!

I looked on Amazon again the day after I bought them and the price had returned to £170. Perhaps I just got lucky, but it pays to keep your eyes peeled.


6 thoughts on “Ecco Biom Hike Mid bargain”

  1. Great find Robin. Shame it was short-lived. Just a tip on storage. Don’t keep them in a cold environment for very long periods. ie in the loft or unheated garage. The cold can deteriorate the sole bonding glues.
    I’m not saying these will suffer but i have learnt from bitter experience that this can happen.

  2. Hi Robin,
    I am thinking of buying a pair of Bioms. What is the fit like I am usual 10-101/2.what is the exact name of the model you have?.I am normally a shoe man but have lately being wearing Brasher Supalites which are very comfortable but not waterproof at all.

    1. Hi Bob, it’s all slightly confusing as I’ve seen them described as Biom Hike 1.2 and Biom Hike 1.3 (on the box I have). They have also been described as Biom Hike Mid or Low Cut. Here’s the link to the UK Ecco site where they are just called Biom Hikes. The fit is higher volume than Salomon/Aku/Zamberlan but not as roomy as Meindl. I’ve used a volume reducer in mine (Brasher) and they fit well. My normal shoe size is 42, but I always size up slightly on boots and walking shoes, so I bought size 43. Ecco have quite a few shops, so you can try them on if you want. I bought mail order because I knew they fitted. Hope that helps.

  3. There are a few sites that watch prices on Amazon and will notify you when the price drops by an amount you set. I use to watch various ebooks I might want to read if the price drops low enough. There are several other price monitoring sites for different Amazon around.

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