Thank you, Paramo

IMG_0715Yesterday my 3rd Element arrived back from Paramo.

IMG_0716Despite being over five years old, Paramo repaired the Velcro patches on the pocket flaps free of charge.

IMG_0718Not only that, they added some zip pullers (which had fallen off) and cleaned and proofed the jacket, all free of charge. Whatever you think about Paramo, you can’t fault their customer service. Absolutely first class. Thanks, Paramo.


6 thoughts on “Thank you, Paramo”

  1. Actually, I can fault their customer service (if the test of fault is getting freebies) because when I contacted them about one of my 3 Velez smocks, they simply quoted me £30 (or was it £35) for a minor repair and clean.

    1. I thought they’d charge me but they treated it as a manufacturing fault. When I enquired about cleaning as well, they said they would do it for free as well.

  2. That’s good customer service. I have read about their products and have often wondered about purchasing a hardshell from them to see how their unique approach to waterproofing works.

    1. I think you should regard Paramo as a very water resistant soft shell. On long walks I always carry a proper hard shell as well. In very heavy wind driven rain, Paramo can get overwhelmed (not always though).

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