MLD Trailstar reflective patches

These days, most tents from mainstream manufacturers have reflective patches. Sometimes it’s a bit overdone, like my F10 Vortex 200. However, I think they are useful in moderation for identification on camp sites and in the wild. The only time where they might be not be useful is for stealth camping. Anyway, I decided to add some reflective patches to my Trailstar.


Using some reflective Scotchtape, I sewed some patches on the five corner pegging points and beside the MLD logo badge, which is usually where the door is.


My original plan had been to use some McNett Tenacious Tape to stick the patches on, but Tenacious Tape doesn’t stick to silnylon well, hence I had to sew them.

OK, it’s not strictly necessary, but I think it’s useful. If I decide that I don’t like them, unpicking the stitches won’t take long.

2 thoughts on “MLD Trailstar reflective patches”

  1. Asymmetrical patches, eh? That would drive me crazy!
    I would have to have patches either side of each pegging point… I would also need a line of stitching next to the fold as well.
    Having just ordered a stealth brown Trailstar I’m not sure I would put the reflective patch at the top of the doorway, either.

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