Forest bimble

It’s only just over three months until the TGO Challenge. It’s time to start training! I’ve been doing some Hill Fit exercises and a bit of dog walking, but now is the time to get serious. As the weather cheered up a bit, I went for a six mile walk in Epping Forest. With a little bit of bushwhacking, it took me two hours.

IMG_0679Although it was dry, there was a bitterly cold wind. However, most of the time, the trees provided some shelter. The bare trees make the forest seem a bit austere.

IMG_0681I walked to Ambresbury Banks, which is the remains of an Iron Age hill fort.

IMG_0682I walked once round the ramparts and then headed back home.


In places, the earth works are quite impressive.


Most of the walk I kept to bridleways and paths, but towards the end, I did a bit of off-piste bushwhacking, which was fun.


Not surprisingly, apart from the bridleways, everywhere is saturated from the recent rain.


My aim for February is to do two 5-6 mile walks a week and a proper backpacking trip at the end of February or beginning of March. In March, I’ll probably add a session at the swimming pool once a week as well.


6 thoughts on “Forest bimble”

    1. At the Thetford end the forest is similar. Epping Forest is one of the oldest forests in the country. At its best in spring and autumn.

  1. Some nice photos there Robin.

    I run in Epping Forest a few times a week. If you fancy company for any of your training walks, I’d be interested.

    How many times have you done TGOC?

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