Gas canister inverter


Here’s a really simple idea. If you’re looking for a gas canister inverter for winter, you can use a Primus clip-on wind shield upside-down. It’s very stable and it’s easy to access the control valve to regulate the flow of gas. Here’s another picture with my Primus Gravity stove. The wind shield clips around the gas canister when not in use, so takes up very little extra room.



10 thoughts on “Gas canister inverter”

  1. Nice and Simple Robin but why bother?

    I wouldn’t carry one or anything else for that matter to invert my canister. I just turn it upside down and I’ve never had a problem liquid feeding my Primus Spider and it has the same (stupid) valve. It runs just fine at the 45degrees or so upside down and if I really wanted to prop it up I’d use a rock or my pack or something.

    Plus won’t your stove now blow out if it’s windy?

  2. Are these windshields any good in practice? I’ve never seen one in the flesh and don’t think they fit my stove anyway.

    I’ve always thought a homemade 360deg shield close to the pot would be more efficient at keeping the heat close all around the pot as well as for blocking the wind. Maybe you could use both for not much weight penalty?

    I’ve been known to sit my canister on top of my pot in the depths of winter…sounds dodgy but it works a treat. *BTW I accept no responsibility if anyone blows themselves up as a result of trying this!

    1. Mine works very well with my Snow Peak GST 100 and fits the canister well. If it gets too loose, then you can always bend it so it grips better. Won’t blow away like a loose screen.

    1. Yes but I already have a Primus Gravity and don’t want to buy yet another stove. I’ve only occasionally used the Gravity and it’s more suitable for winter camping than my canister top Snow Peak GST 100. One thing I really like about the Gravity is that it is very stable and low profile.

      As I already have the Primus windshield, it’s a no-cost inverter stand for me. It might be of interest to others, which is why I wrote the post.

  3. Hi Robin, I already have a very light inverter that I made myself. However I think you have come up with a good idea that I now wonder why I never thought of it at the time. Just goes to show that we are never to old to learn. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I suppose 60grams isn’t really much extra weight for convenience in my opinion (I can almost hear the Extreme-Super-Ultra-Mega-Lightweight nutters gasp in horror!) when you consider that for winter use you’re probably going to be carrying a lot more hardwear and insulation anyway.

    In fact if it doesn’t have to keep the wind out any more, I bet you could get the weight down even further with some application of the electric drill!

    1. Keeping the canister from contact from the ground and perfectly upright might improve the flow of gas/liquid. Agreed on ESUL fetish.

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