GG Mariposa pocket mods

I like the pockets on the new Mariposa rucksack but they have two weaknesses. 1) the zips aren’t waterproof, 2) there are no drain holes to let out any water ingress.


While it’s impossible to make the pocket zips watertight without either sewing a new zip or some rain flaps, it is possible to make the zip fabric less absorbent . Using a small paint brush, I applied some McNett SilNet to the zip material. This should stop water from being absorbed and give some protection.

photoThe second thing to do was to make some drain holes so that any water ingress won’t build up. I used my mega expensive eyelet and punch set to put an eyelet in both pockets.

photo2Although the eyelets are larger than strictly necessary,  they do look quite neat. It’s a shame that water resistant zips and drain eyelets are not standard on the Mariposa.


2 thoughts on “GG Mariposa pocket mods”

    1. I had no choice for the Nitro mods (that didn’t work) as they had to be that diameter. They are high quality with a proper hole punch, but a ridiculous price. At least they look nice 😀

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