As Tucas cuben stuff sacks

As Tucas is a new specialist lightweight gear manufacturer started by Marco Sánchez in Spain. Amongst Marco’s initial product line-up is some cuben stuff sacks.  As an obsessive stuff sack user 😉 I thought I’d get some. I ordered them on Monday, they were shipped on Tuesday and they arrived today. Impressive service, considering P&P was free from Spain.


I ordered two Large and one XXL bags. The Large weighs 9g (as advertised) and the XXL 14g (1g lighter than advertised!). As you can see, they are a rather nice green colour. They are very neatly made, very much on a par with MLD and OookWorks. One nice little touch is that Marco included a small self adhesive strip of cuben in case of repair.

Cuben is not cheap (understatement of the decade). The Large is €18, and XXL €25, which is on a par with similar sacks from a well known competitor. VAT makes European products considerably more expensive than US equivalents, even allowing for other factors. I might get Marco to make a pack liner for my Mariposa as well.

It’s difficult to pretend that cuben stuff sacks are in any way either essential or value for money, but if you use a lot of stuff sacks like me, the weight soon adds up. With a bit of care, they should last a long time.

As Tucas makes a number of other lightweight products so pop over to Marco’s web site and have a look. It’s great to have a new niche lightweight outdoors gear manufacturer in Europe. It’s a tough business, so best wishes to Marco in his endeavours.

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money and have no relationship, financial or otherwise with As Tucas.

8 thoughts on “As Tucas cuben stuff sacks”

  1. Had a look at Marco’s web site. He has some cool stuff. Those winter trousers look good just need them in green and an one of those Merino wool tops. Soon be christmas me thinks.

  2. Robin, this is maybe slightly off-topic, but stuffsacks reminded me of rucksack liners. I couldn’t see anything from you about these. I bought a pair of Podsacs Ultralight Rucksack Liners that my son and I used for 3 weeks last summer (assuming that no normal rucksack is waterproof). After no time at all, and in several places, the waterproof coating rubbed off and the taped seams came unstuck. Any suggestions for more durable liners that don’t add too much weight?

    1. I’ve been using an Exped XXL standard gauge roll top sack , which is about 115 odd gms. I’ve read some not so good things about thinner gauge sacks, so I’ve generally not bothered with them. I did use the Exped pumpsack which came with my UL down mat which is thin. The PU lining started to delaminate so I went back to the heavier gauge. Cuben is 100% waterproof and the seams are glued so it should be about as watertight as you can get. Hopefully Marco will put something on his web site soon.

  3. Thanks for your kind comment! It’s an encouragement to keep working in that line.

    Regarding the pack liners, I’m making a cuben one for Robin. Not sure if it will be a product in my catalog soon, but always can be ordered as a custom work. Let’s see if Robin likes his new cuben liner 😉

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