F10 Nitro Lite 200 pole project part 2

Yesterday the highly expensive eyelet kit that had ordered arrived, so it was time to kick on with my pole project. I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs. After some experimentation with eyelets and the removable cord locks that I had attached, I decided to go for a simpler approach with an eyelet on one side and an adjustable linelok on the other to tension the flysheet.


However, waste not want not, I used one of the removable cord locks to secure the cord that attaches to the ends of the pole (see above).


I added an extra Mcnett Tenacious Tape reinforcing patch (black) to the inside of the tent before sewing the adjustable linelok (shown above).


Above is the cord that attaches to the pole end to achieve a hoop shape. It is removable, one end with a clip, the other by un-threading a linelok.


The pole had to shorten by 5cm at either end, to fit the slope of the roof. It was slightly nerve-wracking using a hacksaw, but I achieved a neat cut.


Fortunately, it was sunny this morning so I could  pitch the Nitro in the garden. As you can see the fit is not bad at all.


Inside (above and below).


Another view from a different angle.


Although I was quite pleased with the result, I don’t think this is going to work very well as it stretches the flysheet material. If used too often I reckon it would stretch permanently. It really does need a proper pole sleeve.


When I took the extra pole out there was a definite wrinkle left behind (shown above). I expect this will disappear after a couple of pitches without the additional pole. However, I think it means the extra pole idea is not going to work, which is a shame as it definitely adds to stability. It really needs a pole sleeve with stronger material. Still it was fun trying. I’ve ended up with a couple of extra pegging points and the additional weigh is about 10g with the patches and material. I think it also suggests the my idea for adding an extra pole to the Laser Comp is a non starter as well. There is a limit as to how much you can modify a tent!


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