TGO Challenge 2014 update 1


Well, I’ve been a good boy and submitted my route for vetting (one of twelve Challengers so far). When it’s approved, I’ll share where I’m going. I’ve also booked my accommodation where needed. Already some places are fully booked, so it’s worth sorting out quickly. Travel arrangements can’t be booked for a while. Resupply and any parcels can wait until much nearer the time, but I’m planning to do more shopping locally on this trip.


6 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2014 update 1”

  1. Planning a multi-resupply trip must take some planning. It will be interesting to see the places you intend to visit. How long are the TGO hikes? Around 2 weeks? Must do some digging!

    1. The maximum time is 15 days, but most do it in 12-14 days. Details and resources here:

      Resupply is more of a challenge in the Highlands as shops are few and far between. I’m going to try a combination of shopping locally together with a couple of parcels sent to places I will be staying at with stuff that is either hard or impossible to get.

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