Ecco Biom Terrain Boots


I really like my Ecco Biom Hike Mid boots. If I have a criticism, it’s that they are a bit clumpy. The sole unit is quite cushioned and the ankle is well padded. Ecco have just introduced a more Spartan mid boot: the Terrain. I was in two minds as to whether to get a pair, but decided to take the plunge.

My first impression (i.e. walking around the room in them!) is favourable. They have a more positive feeling: less padded and the sole unit feels less cushioned. The fit is slightly different too. They are a lower volume boot, not requiring a volume reducer (unlike the Biom Hikes). The tongue is less padded, so the lacing feels more accurate.

The colour scheme is rather bold (!), but I’ve replaced the laces with some black ones, which were supplied with the boots. I shall be wearing them for dog walking over the next few weeks and will report on how they shape up.

Disclaimer: these boots were purchased with my own money. I have no relationship, financial or otherwise with Ecco.


2 thoughts on “Ecco Biom Terrain Boots”

  1. Hi! There has been a few months since this post. How are the shoe-boots holding up? Any updates?

    Ive got a pair of the hike mids, and love them. Only problem is that the right boot folds in the forefoot-area in a way that pinches my toes, making them a pain after just a few kilometers. This is an issue that showed itself after a while and was not something i noticed right away.

    Therefore i was thinking that maybe these would suit me better since the upper might be a bit softer?

    Love the blog btw!


    1. I found the mids suited me better than the Terrains, so I’ve worn them more. The Terrains are perfectly good, just not quite as good as the mids for me. The only know whether they are better for you is to try them.

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