MCoS wind farm survey


The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has an online survey regarding the impact of wind farms on Scottish hills and visits. Link to survey . I urge you to have a look and make your views known. It’s important that they get a large number of responses.


4 thoughts on “MCoS wind farm survey”

  1. My few euro cents ;p. As a person who travels through Germany few times per year, since 15 years of so. I can confirm. Wind turbines have a huge impact on the landscape. Sometimes you can go almost for hours, and see nothing but those turning giants all around you.
    In EU, Germany are leading country in terms of eco energy. I don’t know economics, population health & political games behind it, but since less than 5 years, I can also observe switch from the wind to solar power plants (more landscape friendly).

    For those who would like to see, how wind turbines can change the landscape – please go and visit former DDR regions of Germany
    (east, less populated parts of the country).

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