Small sewing projects


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a bit more sewing. I’ve replaced the elasticated cuffs on my Montane Featherlite Marathon windproof with Velcro fasteners. Although it takes a bit of time to do, having adjustable cuffs on windproofs is well worthwhile. While I was at it, I replaced the black Velcro fasteners on my blue Featherlite jacket with blue ones as well. Aesthetically, it’s more pleasing 🙂


Another little project was to sew a snap fastener on to the belt of my new Montane Terra trousers (not pants!!!). I copied this idea from Rohan. The belt on the new style Terras has a habit of slipping through the first belt loop. It’s a bit of a fiddle to re-thread it. Using a snap fastener secures the belt and avoids this hassle. I wish they’d go back to the old style enclosed belt. While they’re at it they should make an all grey version rather than one with black knees and seat. Montane could also revive the old style Terra zip-offs as well.


4 thoughts on “Small sewing projects”

  1. Its not often i disagree with you Robin but i am glad Montane changed the belt on the Terra’s from enclosed to open. I hated that closed belt and thought that it was a big let down from what are IMO the best hiking trousers.(Except i want a rear zipped wallet pocket).
    I am a big fan of the Rohan snap fastener though, in fact i’m a big Rohan fan all round. I bought a pair of trailblazers recently and find them superb. If Montane copied the design but made them in Terra material they would be onto a winner.

    Your getting quite handy with a needle.

    1. I think the belt loops are a bit thin. If they were thicker and there were more, then if be happier. My Mountain Equipment Ibex trousers have an enclosed belt, which works well. The snap fastener on Rohan belts is a clever bit of design. I might do a long term review on the Terra’s as I use them all the time.

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