Cycling Arm Warmers

A few weeks ago, backpackerbrewer wrote a post on gear that he can use for both cycling and walking. I had never come across removable arm warmers before, but they seemed to me to be an excellent idea.

IMG_0547 (1200 x 900)

A bit of hunting around the internet revealed a bewildering choice. The path of least resistance seemed to be to buy a cheap pair from Amazon, so I purchased a pair of Optimum Cycling Arm Warmers for Ā£8.79. The other advantage of the Optimum warmers is that they are not plastered with logos, unlike many.

They are extremely simple. Made of polyamide and elastene, they are a stretchy tube with a gel gripper at the top to stop them falling down. The outside is smooth and the inner is slightly furry. For me, the Medium is a perfect fit. Weight is 68g.

Will they work? I see no reason why not. It’s a great idea to be able to turn a short sleeved base layer into a long one and vice versa. They are so easy to slip on and off. They should be more effective for temperature regulation than rolling up sleeves. I shall be taking them on my next trip (although I’ve no idea when that will be!).

22 thoughts on “Cycling Arm Warmers”

  1. I sometimes carry them in my bumbag if I’m going on a long trail run, or start off wearing them on a cold morning run and stow them in the bumbag as I warm up. Lots of other uses too, so almost as versatile as a Buff.

      1. go on go on go on go on……….you know you want to šŸ™‚

        actually, you could try some knee warmers, I have a pair and very versatile they are too

  2. Can you give me the measurements of the medium size. I checked Amazon and they don’t seem to give any detail.

  3. Robin, best post ever! Because of it I had a look on Wiggle and then looked at some of the OMM gear. The i Gamy bottle got renamed or revamped as the OMM2O. That was my entry in a comp they had to name it so I’ve emailled them to see if I still get a prize! It was a while ago but I sent irrefutable evidence. Cheers. šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve used them for some time. They are great as you say for use with a short sleeved T shirt as and when it gets a bit nippy.
    I bought mine from Aldi and paid about Ā£3. Not sure what they weight but i will check soon. I know it won’t be very much. (Wore them today in fact).

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