Cycling Arm Warmers

A few weeks ago, backpackerbrewer wrote a post on gear that he can use for both cycling and walking. I had never come across removable arm warmers before, but they seemed to me to be an excellent idea.

IMG_0547 (1200 x 900)

A bit of hunting around the internet revealed a bewildering choice. The path of least resistance seemed to be to buy a cheap pair from Amazon, so I purchased a pair of Optimum Cycling Arm Warmers for ยฃ8.79. The other advantage of the Optimum warmers is that they are not plastered with logos, unlike many.

They are extremely simple. Made of polyamide and elastene, they are a stretchy tube with a gel gripper at the top to stop them falling down. The outside is smooth and the inner is slightly furry. For me, the Medium is a perfect fit. Weight is 68g.

Will they work? I see no reason why not. It’s a great idea to be able to turn a short sleeved base layer into a long one and vice versa. They are so easy to slip on and off. They should be more effective for temperature regulation than rolling up sleeves. I shall be taking them on my next trip (although I’ve no idea when that will be!).


22 thoughts on “Cycling Arm Warmers”

  1. I sometimes carry them in my bumbag if I’m going on a long trail run, or start off wearing them on a cold morning run and stow them in the bumbag as I warm up. Lots of other uses too, so almost as versatile as a Buff.

      1. go on go on go on go on……….you know you want to ๐Ÿ™‚

        actually, you could try some knee warmers, I have a pair and very versatile they are too

  2. Can you give me the measurements of the medium size. I checked Amazon and they don’t seem to give any detail.

  3. Robin, best post ever! Because of it I had a look on Wiggle and then looked at some of the OMM gear. The i Gamy bottle got renamed or revamped as the OMM2O. That was my entry in a comp they had to name it so I’ve emailled them to see if I still get a prize! It was a while ago but I sent irrefutable evidence. Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’ve used them for some time. They are great as you say for use with a short sleeved T shirt as and when it gets a bit nippy.
    I bought mine from Aldi and paid about ยฃ3. Not sure what they weight but i will check soon. I know it won’t be very much. (Wore them today in fact).

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