Back from the Lakes


I returned from my Lake District trip yesterday and will write a post this week. Unfortunately it was rather less ambitious than I had planned because I had a problem with my back and the weather was a bit iffy. Actually the weather was better than the forecast with the wind not as strong as predicted. Although I had some heavy rain, it was nearly all at night.

I had three great wild camps and an interesting walk along some less frequented paths. I was glad I used the Nitro Lite 200, as I think I would have struggled on two pitches to find enough reasonably flat ground to pitch on with the Trailstar.

I also found out a bit more about the capabilities of the Nitro, including making one mod while I was out. I’m mulling whether to make quite a major mod which might make a significant difference in strong winds. The picture is from Stoneycroft Gill looking east to Brandelhow, Castlerigg Fell and Great Dodd at dawn.


11 thoughts on “Back from the Lakes”

  1. Looks like you had a good trip glad the weather was better than expected.Looking forward to the full write up

  2. It’s a lovely area that. I’ve had some nice wild camps along Rigg Beck which is just south of Stoneycroft Gill.

      1. Its tempted me a couple of times I have to admit but at the moment my luxury tent for 1 is the TN Solar Comp 2

      2. I’ve just had a clear out of some base layers and windproofs. Horrified at how many I’ve got. 😦

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