Nitro or Trailstar, that is the question


Hopefully, I shall be up in the Lake District for a few days next week. I have a route in mind but I shall have to be flexible as the weather forecast at the moment doesn’t look particularly good. I hope to do the High Stile ridge on Wednesday, but Netweather is suggesting that it’s going to be a rainy day. In the end, you just have to go with it and plan alternatives.

I don’t know which shelter to take: the F10 Nitro Lite 200 or the Trailstar with OookStar. I’m going to take both and make a decision when I’m there. I’ve also bought a new pair of lightweight mid boots, the Salomon X Ultras. After a few dog walks, they seem to be very comfortable, very much like wearing trail shoes, but with the advantage of being mids. They feel even better than my Fastpackers, which I’m retiring to garden boots after two years of sterling service.



14 thoughts on “Nitro or Trailstar, that is the question”

  1. I think you should splash out and buy the new Little Star. You must be having withdrawal symptoms by now not having bought a tent for a least 2 weeks now.

    Have fun in Cumbria. Forecast is not bad, take the Trailstar.

    1. I think that’s it for the moment on tents 🙂

      The Trailstar is the only shelter I’ve bought this year. The Littlestar doesn’t appeal. The Cricket looks more interesting but I can’t see that I’d use it in preference to the Duomid.

      I really ought to learn how to use a sewing machine and make my own.

  2. I agree. I was only joking about the Little Star. It was the first one that came into my head.
    I’m sure with a decent machine you could do it and especially if Sean would sell you some material at a good price.

  3. If the weather does turn out to be a bit iffy you may regret not
    taking the dear old Scarp. Lot less draughty and fiddly than the Trailstar !
    But hope the weather does turn around for you.

  4. I am still in 2 minds about which of these shelters to purchase. I am considering the Force Ten Nitro Lite 200+ for a very long (both in time and distance) hike I am planning so will be interested to see which shelter you choose. Especially interested in reading about the Nitro Lite 200 if you decide upon that one.

    Whatever you settle on I wish you a great trip.

    1. I took the Nitro Lite and was glad of the more compact footprint compared with the Trailstar. It’s a good tent (if you’re not tall) but I still think the Scarp edges it.

  5. Good luck on your excursion to the lakes – you might be lucky, the weather at the moment seems to be quite volatile, so you may catch some blue skies!

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