Gossamer Gear Mariposa: more mods

This week, I’ve made a few simple changes to my Mariposa rucksack.

1) Reflective strip. I sewed a small reflective strip on to the lid so that I will be more visible to traffic, should I be walking on a road when it’s dark. It didn’t take long and doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the pack 🙂


2) New lid cords. The old cords are fine but they dangle. I replaced them with some bright orange cord that I used on my Nitro Lite. The stop the cords whipping around in the wind, I added a loop. I also used a cord toggle to make it look more tidy. As someone unkindly pointed out, it looks a bit like a light switch cord 😉


3) New lid mod. Regular readers will remember that I replaced the cord system for closing the throat of the lid with a karabiner. To make it even easier to close, I added some cord loops. This mod won’t be applicable to the very latest version as it is now closed with a buckle clip.


All pretty simple and quick to do.


6 thoughts on “Gossamer Gear Mariposa: more mods”

  1. Having just returned from a brief hill trip using mthe newest Mariposa, I thought it might be worth saying that I think your lid mod probably *is* relevant to the latest model. Yes, this version has a buckle clip in place of the old shock cord closure, but the clip is quite small and in practice I found it a bit fiddly to use – especially when I was wearing gloves and the fabric was flapping around in the wind (which was most of the time!). So I might experiment with your mini-krab idea.

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