Travel size sunscreen

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This year I struggled to find sunscreen in small tube. Both my local Boots and Superdrug seem to have reverted to larger sizes. Boots used to do some very small tubes of SPF50 cream, which were ideal for the odd day when you needed protection.

I noticed that Ultralight Outdoors Gear have started to stock Care Plus 8ml size SPF30 spray. I was tempted to get some. A bit of searching around revealed that Care Plus do a range of products in this size and that a pack of sun protection, anti-insect spray, bite relief and body spray was available. The individual products are £2.99, but the whole pack is £10.99 from Funky Leisure. So I thought I’d get a pack, even though I’m unlikely to use it until next year. The expiry date on the products is June 2016, so there’s plenty of time left. For the gram counters, the pack including case weighs 75g, the case is 19g and the sprays are 13-14g each.

I’ve not tried them so I can’t comment on efficacy. The anti-insect spray uses citriodiol, which is derived from eucalyptus oil. It actually doesn’t smell very much,  having a subtle, vaguely lemony aroma. Care Plus do a DEET and a Picaridin alternative. The Picaridin would be interesting as it’s the same ingredient used in Smidge. It’s a shame that Smidge don’t do small sizes. The other products have subtle but indefinable aromas and the spray applicators mean no waste.

Anyhow, I’d ordered the Care Plus pack, when, totally unsolicited, Sawyer offered me a tube of their waterproof Stay Put SPF30 sunscreen. This doesn’t appear to be available yet in the UK, but I assume that it will be. The size is 30ml and weight 35g. I used a bit on the back of my hand and a little bit goes a long way. It doesn’t have much of a smell. Although water resistant, it’s not greasy and is absorbed by the skin quickly.

For day trips, the Care Plus aerosol seems ideal, while the Sawyer tube would be good for longer trips. I have suffered from sunburn before due to not carrying sunscreen, so I like to carry a small quantity. It is also handy to have a small amount of insect repellent, just in case. I think I have the bases covered now 🙂

Disclosure: Sawyer gave me the tube of sunscreen free of charge and with no conditions attached. I have no affiliation or financial relationship with any of the companies mentioned.


6 thoughts on “Travel size sunscreen”

    1. I decanted some P20 into a small dropper bottle when I went to Dartmoor. These are quite neat solutions if you want something off the shelf. It’s a shame Boots and Superdrug have stopped smaller travel sizes. They still do travel ranges but they are bit anger than I want.

      1. The other bottles I have sometimes used for decanting into, are the small ‘trial size’ ones you can get in The Body Shop. I think they might only be 60ml – and they’re pretty tough.

  1. In July Boots in Edinburgh had 50ml tubes of “Once Kids 8 hours play 50+ SPF”. For a day trip, put it on before you start and it lasts all day. For a multi-day trip, take the tube. Or is 50ml too much? This summer in the Highlands we got through a lot quite quickly!

    1. Last year they were doing 20ml with integral lip slave and 10ml SPF50. All I need is some to cover my face and lower arms and hands. The 30ml Sawyer tube should last a fair while.

  2. Hi Robin, a few years ago at a trade show in the States I was at on business they were giving away handy sized tubes with a mini karribiner clip on them so I use this to refill from a larger bottle and clip to the side of the waist belt. Good to know if I ever loose this!

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