Gossamer Gear now available through backpackinglight.co.uk


I’ve imported two Gossamer Gear packs over the years. No criticism of GG, but it’s a bit of a pain, especially when you are hit with duty (fair enough, we have to pay taxes) and the Parcel Force handling charge (a rip off). Now you can buy Gossamer Gear packs direct from backpackinglight.co.uk . My back of the envelope calculation suggests this is cheaper than importing from the US, when taking into account shipping charges and duty (even without the Parcel Force “handling charge”).

You can read my long-term review of the GG Mariposa here.

Martin Rye has written a review of the Gorilla here.

Disclosure: I have no formal links, financial or otherwise, with either backpackinglight.co.uk or Gossamer Gear.


One thought on “Gossamer Gear now available through backpackinglight.co.uk”

  1. Great news! I was on there last night eyeing things up on pre-order. I’m a little unsure though – the Mariposa comes out well in reviews, but for way less money the G4 does a similar job with a similar size pack. Thats a nice dilemma to ponder for a while…

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