Rab Scree Gaiter


I’ve been looking for a pair of simple scree gaiters for a while. I came across these recently and they looked just the job to combine with trail shoes. They are made from Rab’s Matrix DWS, which is the same material used for the Sawtooth Jacket (which I also have). The material is decently water resistant and stretchy. There’s an adjustable underfoot bungee strap and a hook at the front. The elasticated cuff and rear have an anti slip rubber surface inside. They fit well and the Matrix material breathes well. The cost: £15.

I’m planning a trip for early August. If the hot weather continues I will probably wear trail shoes rather than boots, so these will be ideal for keeping the crud and grit out of my shoes.

Disclaimer: these gaiters were purchased with my own funds and I have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with Rab


14 thoughts on “Rab Scree Gaiter”

  1. Have you tried Inov-8 gaiters ? I’ve worn them with both trail shoes and soft boots, including completing the last two TGO’s, without any problem as well as with my orienteering shoes (Inov-8 Mudroc 212s) which get an airing most Sundays. In all they must have had around 80 outings and been flung around the washing machine a fair few times. Very simple design and simple to put on. I’ve also tried Backpacking Light’s variation but I’m afraid the elastic under the sole didn’t last long.
    They stop your laces coming undone on brashings or heather too.

    1. At £15, the Rab gaiters are a bit cheaper. I prefer grey to neon patterns! The Matrix material is very good. All in all, I’m happy with them.

  2. I quite like the look of these and the Inov-8’s. I have a pair of the Integral Designs shortie gaiter but i don’t like them due to the bungee chord tightener on the calf. They are not comfy.

  3. Enjoying your blog and thought I would post: To add into the mix I am currently using (not on the TGO) Salomon S-LAB Raid Trail gaiters – whilst designed to fit specific Salomon models they should work with any shoes that do not have a continuous rim on the sole, and I am using them with Inov-8 shoes. They have been reasonably durable and the material has a high elasticity and uses a velcro fastener so you can achieve a very close fit. I would not classify them as waterproof but I use them primarily for orienteering so that is not my main concern. They retail at about £18.

    I do like the look of the Rab ones – be interested to see how you get on…

  4. Hello Robin, came across your post regarding the scree gaiters. Although quite a while ago how has your experience since then? I’m thinking of getting them for my upcoming SUW hike.

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