OookWorks developments

At the moment there’s not much going on here on the backpacking front. We’re having a new bathroom installed. The finish date is indeterminate at the moment, so until that’s clear, I doubt I’ll be going anywhere. We’ve also got a test match coming up soon, so it looks like the earliest I’ll be able to go somewhere is the end of July.

So, just to keep you entertained, I thought I’d highlight a couple of things that Sean at OookWorks has been developing. Firstly, he’s been working on a lightweight bug bivy called the BugritBivy. This will probably not be available until next year, but looks an interesting bit of gear for a single skin tarp shelter. Total weight is 209g


The second development is a two person nest for the MLD Duomid called the 2Oookan Duomid Nest. It weighs 440g, which is only 125g more than my solo cuben hybrid nest. The Duomid is easily large enough to accommodate two people, although storage space is limited and the porch becomes quite small. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting option and Sean is adding it to his core range.


One of the advantages of a shelter like the Duomid is that it is modular, and different nests can provide different functionality. I may get Sean to make me a nest with solid side and rear walls for use outside summer as I find mesh a bit draughty. It’s good to see Sean back in action and developing new products.

4 thoughts on “OookWorks developments”

  1. busy busy busy!

    Good to see Sean is not resting on his laurels and is keen to keep developing products 🙂

  2. That mesh nest be right up my street for tarping. Good on him. That along with a decent tarp makes for a pleasant shelter that’s under 500g in my book. Well done Sean 🙂

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