OookTub first look

So far all of OookWorks products have been “made to order”. A few days ago, Sean introduced some tarps and groundsheets (tubs) which are stock items and could be delivered immediately. I was interested in the OookTub as it would give me some flexibility to use my Duomid or possibly Scarp as a single skin shelter. I could have bought a flat groundsheet, but I feel more secure with a tray type groundsheet, given the number of times I’ve had rivulets run under a tent.


While £60 is approximately double the cost of a quality flat groundsheet, you get a high level of workmanship (as usual with OookWorks) and four corner struts with adjustable shockcord that makes a perfect bath tub groundsheet (220cm x 75cm, 150g without stuff sack, 159g with stuff sack).


It’s big enough to accommodate an Exped Synmat UL with space to spare.


Fits perfectly inside my cuben MLD Duomid. The mat is the Nemo Zor short.


I’ve always wondered about using the Tarptent Scarp 1 as a single skin shelter.


Without the inner, the space is huge.


The OookTub fits perfectly.


The Scarp inner weighs 470g, so substituting the OookTub would save around 320g.


So the OookTub introduces some interesting summer options (as long as there aren’t bugs about!).

You can find more details here.

Disclaimer: my OookTub was purchased with my own funds.


7 thoughts on “OookTub first look”

  1. I’m using one in my Hilleberg Unna, until the first bug hatch at least, and I like the tub design. It keeps everything drier and a little more ‘together’ than a flat groundsheet and I like that I can leave it attached to the fly.

  2. Just received my ‘off the shelf’ Oooktub and I’m really pleased. The workmanship is outstanding and delivery was within 4 days, even to my rural location. I bought it primarily as an option for my Scarp 1 (after seeing your pics) but I’m delighted to find that it also fits my Force Ten Helium (2010 model) so that I’ve now got a summer option of less than 800gms that still retains F10’s bombproof Tension Band system and keeps the Helium’s tiny footprint. Full marks to Sean.

    1. It does make some intriguing options for the Scarp and similar tents. As you say, the workmanship is excellent.

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