Carneddau gear round-up


As usual, I thought I’d better do a quick gear round-up with some feedback on then items I used on my recent trip.

Shelter and sleeping

As you’ve seen from previous posts, I used two shelters, the F10 Nitro Lite 200 and a cuben MLD Duomid with OookWorks hybrid nest. Both in their own ways were fine. The weather was good, it was hardly a test. The one thing to pass on is that in strong sunshine, cuben seems to act like a greenhouse and it got very hot in the Duomid.

My sleeping mat was a Thermarest Neoair Short with a MYOG fleece cover. It’s a while since I’ve used this mat and I’d forgotten how comfortable it is. So much so, that I didn’t swap back to the Nemo Zor as I had intended. One tip to pass on is that I’ve overcome the sensation of sleeping on a shelf where my knees drop off the mat by using a stuff sack filled with my waterproofs. This makes a gentler transition and stopped my knees aching. It’s also more comfortable not to have the Neoair fully inflated. As usual I used a 150cm thin CFC mat underneath the Neoair and my my legs.

On the first night, I used my Western Mountaineering HighLite sleeping bag. I felt slightly cold so I swapped it for the next two nights for my Cumulus Quantum 350, which was perfect.

Clothing and footwear

I had intended to use my Ecco Biom Mid Hikes with the new Sidas footbeds, but I decided it was too warm, so I reverted to the Salomon Fastpackers, which worked well and my feet didn’t overheat. It’s a shame they’ve discontinued these, but I’ve got a new pair in storage 🙂 . In camp, I used my Nike Mayflies, which only weigh 300g for the pair and fold flat. Again, these have been discontinued, which is a shame.

Most of the time while walking I was wearing a Paramo Katmai Light shirt, which I was pleased with. It dispersed sweat quickly and was reasonably smell resistant, although perhaps not as good as my Rohan shirts. However, the material is a bit thicker than the Rohan Pacific, which makes it more comfortable for walking. I used my Rohan Windshadow windproof jacket, which I really like. It is slightly wind permeable, which means it’s not as sweaty as Pertex windshirts can be. The material is more pleasant to the touch as well. It’s a shame the hood is not very good.

For warm wear, I took a Haglofs LIM Pull-on and an old Arcteryx fleece jumper. These were only used when the sun went down. I probably could have only taken one, but I would have been grateful to have both if the weather had been less kind. I do like a lightweight fleece and a Primalot pullover for warm wear.

Other stuff

I used my Gossamer Gear Mariposa rucksack (the latest version). I’m really impressed with this rucksack. It’s probably the most comfortable I’ve used. I love the combination of pockets and it simply swallows gear. Highly recommended. Cooking gear was all the same stuff I’ve been using for ages (Snow Peak GST100, Evernew pot, MSR mug).

I’m very impressed with my Sony WX-100 camera. At 124g, it’s one of the lightest proper cameras you can buy. On automatic mode, it’s very rare that it takes a poor picture. It’s very quick to fire up and takes great panoramas. It’s got a good zoom as well. For a snapper like me, it’s perfect. My only criticism is that the display can be a bit dim sometimes, making it difficult to frame a picture.


7 thoughts on “Carneddau gear round-up”

  1. I imagine for a longer trip you would go back to the Zor sleeping pad , Robin.
    I have syn ultra 7 inflatable. Very comfy but always the worry about a leak on longer trips.
    Interesting note about the sun effect in the Doumid. I suppose we should be grateful
    for any effect from the sun this year. Been sadly lacking so far. Glad you still like the
    Mariposa. I took delivery of the new Gorilla this year. Unfortunately they insisted I needed the large size. My thourghts were that a medium would fit the bill. Well, I was right – the large size barely touches my shoulders ,even though I am 5′ 11”.
    I will have to sell it on,as they will not help with return postage.Even some sort of a gesture would have been nice, as I consider they gave wrong advice. Just not cost
    effective to send it back for exchange, considering all the charges etc.
    Now looking at the Zpacks arc blast which looks interesting ( I am in my seventies now , so weight is key ) They certainly have been very helpful with my questions so
    Have the same camera as you – agree it is very compact , low in weight , and best of
    all takes decent photos to boot !
    On tents , I still use my old Phoenix Goretex Phreerunner.Which is great , as no condensation, and can take very high winds. Sadly the porch material (non Goretex
    pu) has delaminted quite severely. Might try one of the Nikwax products.Still,it’s about 23 years old now and I put the quality easily on a par with Hilleberg. For my
    new tent it will be The Scarp1 or Hilly Soulo. Interestingly , the goretex still works perfectly after all these years and high use. I Have a Power Lizard , but don’t like it – flaps and deforms too much in the wind.
    Deliberations .as they say……

    1. I think I’d take the Zor on a longer trip. It would take the worry out of having an air mat.

      Sean @OookWorks might be able to fit a new porch on your Phreerunner (great tent, I had the Phreeranger).

      Sorry to hear about the problems with the Gorrilla. I had to send my ULA Ohm back twice making it the most expensive rucksack in the universe!

  2. The cuben fiber information is interesting, especially as I had been eyeing up the Laser Ultra. I guess being a non-breathable fabric exasperates the situation?

    In the end I have decided against the Lasers. I know there are many that like them, but they look way too fiddly to setup and don’t seem as well planted as an Akto.

    For my next trip to the lake district I’m going to be taking the Akto out without its footprint – a first for me – in an attempt to trim weight from my normal load – hopefully it will all pan out 🙂

    1. Not sure about Laser Ultra. Colin Ibbottson didn’t like it. Cuben is translucent which makes it act in a similar way to glass.

      The groundsheet on the Akto is easily robust enough (I’ve had one). If you want to protect the porch a bit of survival blanket will do. I’m not trying to persuade you to change tents but if you want a superior Akto, the Tarptent Scarp1 is what the Akto should’ve become.

  3. Thanks for your thourghts on my Phreerunner porch. May have a word with
    Sean. The only drawback I found with the Phreerunner was that it was a bit fiddly to set up at times with all those double guys etc. However once up it was very solid.
    The Scarp minus the inner looks huge. I suppose you could put some poly groundsheet material around the Ooktub to reduce condensation comming up
    from the ground , and spread out in relative luxury.

    1. I had a Phreeranger and loved it 🙂 I wish someone would revive it.

      I’d definitely use an emergency blanket to cover at least one porch. I could even use a lightweight Akto footprint that I have but it would probably be overkill and substantially reduce weight saving.

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