Farewell Fuizion Foods?

I looked at the Fuizion Foods website a couple of days ago. There was hardly anything available, so I emailed them to find out what was happening. I had a reply today that they are suffering “trying times” and that they are “not sure when production will start, if at all”. I hope they can recover but it doesn’t sound good.

Fuizion freeze dried meals have been a constant for me over the past couple of years. They are light years better than any others I’ve eaten. It will be a huge shame if they are no longer available. However, needs must, I only have four Fuizion meals left, so I thought I’d try some Bla Band. Outdoors Grub, being their usual efficient selves, delivered within 48 hours. Next time I’m out (which might not be for a while), I’ll give them a whirl.



18 thoughts on “Farewell Fuizion Foods?”

  1. Ive tried a few of those Blå Band. Since they are used by the Swedish military ive been handed a few from a friend, whos got some spare from when he recently did his military service. Mostly often i think the major problem with all freeze-dried foods are the lack of taste. During my last few outings ive tried adding a bit of broth (i had to google translate the swedish word for it so im not really sure thats the right one). But its a small chunk of like spices and fat and stuff like that. Anyhow just add that to the meal, according to your own taste and quite a few of these meals will taste a lot better, if not even good! And to add a little extra calories AND taste, a big chunk of butter does the trick!

    1. Thanks. Apart from a couple of meals, Fuizion have always tasted good. I’m not expecting Bla Band to be as good but I hope they are better than some of the meals I’ve had. Maybe I should test them at home.

  2. Shame about Fuizion. I always find Bla Band a bit poor in Sweden (this was about 7 years ago min, they may have changed as Mountain House and Real Turmat became available in Sweden) and best avoided. I would recommend the joy of dehydrating your own ‘one pot meals’. Very satisfying.

  3. I tried these last year and thought they good. Maybe not quite as good as Fuizion but no complaints. One thing I liked was the bag is short and wide rather than tall and slim. Far better. I hope Fuizion recover. It would be a shame if the best disappeared.

    1. The packages are the right shape! Why does FDF come in tall packets? I’ll need to make a new cosy. I might also sprinkle some knorr seasoning cube on them if they are a bit bland.

  4. Freezedried foods are of course convenient but i still do agree with Mark, hydrating your own stuff is a lot tastier and also gives you the ability to improvise a little in the field. Maybe add a chunk of egg instead of chicken or whatever you had planned for that evenings meal. I have just recently built my own food dehydrator at home, which is currently in its initial state of testing. I will propably be making a little review / instructional post about the whole thing on my blog in the near future.

    1. Doing your own food is fun and you can cater exactly to your own likes and needs etc. I spent the winter doing a lot of food for this summer but really if you cook something at home, assuming it’s not too fatty, bung anything you dont eat in the dehydrator, dry it and bag it up! It’s amazing how well meals turn out.

      1. I understand the attraction of dehydrating your own food, but I like the convenience of just picking up a package from my storage box and going. Fuizion tastes nearly as good as home cooking to me, which is why I’ll be sad if they stop.

  5. I’m shocked Robin. Miles away the best freeze dried meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of muching on. Then again, the way they were set up for purchasing and such like – and with no real care for distribution either over the past couple of years – it doesn’t surprise me! Shame. Cause they ought to be a lot more well known as the meals are genuinely superb!

    1. Unfortunately the best product in the world will not be successful if the rest of the business is not set up properly 😦

      1. Couldn’t agree more Robin. Which is what makes it such a crying shame. The food is top notch. I wanted to buy some only the other month, but pay set up put me off and fact they couldn’t guarantee speedy delivery. Shame

  6. Never tried Fuizion Foods before. They had a limited range for my diet requirements, but reviews have always been good. I tried the Bla band during last weekend’ s trip in the Lakes. The Chilli couscous with vegetables was very tasty (had Terrybnd sniffing the air and asking me what I had!). Also the bags being longer at the base and shorter at the sides makes it easier to eat out of.

  7. cotswold outdoor are doing buy two get one free on adventure food meals at the minute, not too bad since they are expensive for what you get imo. also, i think theyre quite nice and more filling than others. they have also got more vegetarian options, which is a bonus for me!

  8. Funnily enough I recently placed an order for some Fuzion meals online, carefully selecting the ones showing they had in stock. Alas the day after my order I received a mail saying they were in fact out of stock and unable to fulfill my order. Doesn’t sound good news

  9. I have tried Fuizion foods a few times. Apart from the kedgeree, which I found quite unpleasant, they have always been excellent. The Lamb Tagine I wouldn’t have been disappointed with if I had been served it in a restaurant, let alone in my tent on Kinder scout! Hope they get through this.

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