Scarp mods summary: part 2, minor mods

In part 2 of my Scarp modifications, I’ll outline the more minor tweaks that I’ve made. They are all quite straightfoward.

1) Silicone anti slip stripes on groundsheet. Silnylon is very slippery, so sleeping mats tend to slide around, especially on a slope. To counter this, it’s a good idea to paint a few stripes of silcone seam sealant (McNett Silnet) on the groundsheet. It’s up to you whether you use stripes or dots.


2) Inner tent pocket. The pockets in the Scarp are so small and poorly positioned that I’ve never used them. Instead I’ve cut a silnylon stuff sack in half and sewn up one end to make a pocket. I’ve attached it to the inner with a couple of safety pins. This means I can move it around if I decide to switch sleeping positions. In an ideal world, I’d like to have large mesh pockets at either end, but such a radical mod is beyond my capabilities.


3) End vent cord lock, hook and loop. On the flysheet, at either end, there is a short zip to aid ventilation. The tension of the flysheet means that this has a tendency to come apart. To prevent this, I added a cord lock to ensure it stays closed. To make it easier to keep the vent open, I’ve used a hook (taken from another tent) and a loop of cord, so that I can hook up the vent as shown below, to maximise the ventilation.


4) Inner tent door tie back. The original door tie backs for the inner are plain ribbons. These are a pain to tie, so I’ve put a cord lock on one ribbon and added an elastic loop to secure the tie back. I probably could have done a slightly neater job as the elastic has frayed a bit. It’s now much quicker, simpler and more secure to tie back the doors.


5) Zip pullers. The zips on the Scarp are not supplied with pullers. On the inner tent I’ve made my own and on the outer, I’ve used some Alpkit pullers. It’s much easier now to use the zips, especially with gloves.


MYOG zip pullers


Alpkit zip pullers

6) Fly adjuster venting cord. For some reason, the cord supplied was like an old black bootlace. I’ve replaced it with some dyneema cord. There’s no particular need to replace it. It just looks neater.


7) Modified crossing pole loop. Inserting the crossing poles through the grosgrain loop at the apex, especially after it’s been sealed, is quite tight, so I’ve added a loop of dyneema cord to make it a lot easier (orange loop above vent in picture). Arguably it makes the Scarp slightly less stable, but it doesn’t make very much difference.


The only modification that I’ve yet to do is to swap the supplied crossing pole clips, which are like glove hooks for the clips that Vango kindly supplied me. Something else I’m mulling is whether to make some removable snow valances for winter.


Hopefully, at least some of those mods will be helpful to other Scarp owners. I’d be interested if anyone has thought of any others.

15 thoughts on “Scarp mods summary: part 2, minor mods”

  1. Hi – I hav tried to unsubscribe a number of times. Can you do that manually for me please.


    1. Unfortunately I can’t unsubscribe you from this end. If it’s not working from your end, you might have to mark the email as spam. The other thing might be to send an email to support at to complain. Apologies.

  2. very usefull, as usual,Robin.
    I wonder if you will receive any comments on your mods ‘package ‘ from Henry.
    Seems a revamp of the Scarp may be overdue ( and may help his sales ! )

  3. Hi, Interesting mods. If you want to see more extensive mods to my Scarp 2 go to BPL’s site andin teh “Einter Hiking” page you’ll see two threads on my mods. They include moving the X-ing poles INSIDE, using a heavier duty main pole, end vent zipper securing, denter CF pole made captive with Velcro tabs, 5:1 ration odorless mineral spirits to GE silicone caulk for coating top 1/2 of the fly and the outer side of the floor. My Scarp 2 has a ripstop inner for winter use, which is why I made teh mods.

    1. Excellent mods, Eric. I do think that crossing poles inside the fly are neater than external and stronger. Have you had any problems with the fabric stretching or leaking?

      1. Robin,
        I left the modded Scarp 2 standing in my back yard for a week and several times during the week test it by blasting it with a garden hose for 10 minutes. There were no leaks,seams or otherwise – period. But in a long windstorm there is the possibility of the X-ing poles rubbing against the fly and abrading the material. To preclude this I’m coating
        the material along the pole paths with a layer of 3:1 odorless mineral spirits to GE silicone caulk.

        the inside of the fly along tehpole paths

  4. Have you any other photos of the guide line mods ? can you still use the cross over poles with this set up ?

  5. Cheers robin. I can see clearly the set up now. At a push you could get the Scarp down to 4 pegging points . I might get rid of the cross pole anchors for summer as they doo rub against the fly in the wind. What are those Vango clips like on the cross over poles ? Are they a good fit ?

  6. Just out of general interest, how heavier are the Scarp, Ackto and Laster comp tents with these modifications ?

    1. Scarp, with over zealous seam sealing and floor stripes (!) has added about 150g. Akto – no mods, do you mean Nitro? Nitro is about 50g. Laser is about 100g inc extra pegs for double end guys.

  7. Cheers Robin, Not excessive weight gain then. I have the three tents I mentioned. No Nitro………..Yet…;-)

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