Vango: above and beyond

After an exchange on Twitter about getting some additional guy cord for my F10 Nitro Lite 200, Vango customer services contacted me by email to help. I explained that I’d like some extra cord to experiment with some guying options for the Nitro. I also asked them for some pole clips that they use on the F10 Vortex 200, with a view to using them for the Scarp crossover poles. Today, both the cord and the clips arrived. A big thank you to Vango for excellent customer service and effective use of social media. A few other companies could learn from them.



7 thoughts on “Vango: above and beyond”

  1. Recently I sent back to Lifeventure two of their steel bottles. (Old design no longer available)

    It was really down to their exceptionally efficient ‘Linsey’ in their customer services who called me offering me a better alternative allowing me a choice of colours followed by a swift delivery only two days later!

    It’s great to see positive people in British companies with such efficient after sales care!

  2. Good to see that Vango are still looking after their customers – an example to others.
    Years ago I had two poles snap in a storm by Grisedale Tarn. The tent, ironically, was a Vango Hurricane. Vango replaced both poles at no cost.

  3. Great company in my experience too. I cheekily asked for the apex pole holder used in the Force Ten classic MK3 tent to experiment with and they duly obliged.
    I have also owned and extensively used the mammoth Vango Aspen 700 DLX tent for all our family camping holidays for the past 7 years. A superb tent thats never let us down

    Three cheers for Vango

    PS Robin, I reckon you ought to do some consultancy work for them in tent design 😀

    1. Nice thought 🙂

      I’d like to see a winter version of the Nitro Lite 200 with removable snow valances, entrance/porch at both ends, an extra pole mid-tent and the double guy system that is used on Hillebergs. I reckon it wouldn’t weigh more than 2kg and would be a bomber tent. All the winter tents I’ve looked at fall short in one area. Many are too heavy, others don’t have the right features. Perhaps one day….

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