Mu folding USB charger plug

The Mu plug is a folding USB charger for UK mains sockets. It folds flat for storage.


To use, the wings open.


And the live and neutral pins pivot to form a UK 3-pin plug.


The USB connection is on the reverse of the plug.


Very simple, very elegant and easier to pack than a conventional plug.


In the picture above, I’ve compared it with an Amazon USB plug (top left) and an Apple USB plug (top right). For gram counters, the weights are Amazon 35g, Apple 41g, Mu 42g.

At £25, it’s rather expensive (Apple £15, Amazon £12.99), but it is stylish. It’s only rated for phones and not for tablets. However, intermittently, it will charge my iPad. It is compatible with my Tecknet battery extender. Full details here.

Disclosure: the Mu plug was purchased with my own funds and I have no relationship with the manufacturer


10 thoughts on “Mu folding USB charger plug”

  1. It’s a genius idea. I recall seeing it winning a design award 18 months ago – think it was designed by a young japenese chap. Pleased it came to market – I’ve had mine about 6 months now and it’s a permanent resident in my briefcase or weekend bag. I remember handing it folded to a few people at work and most couldn’t work out what it was!

  2. Excellent – just the job for my bike touring kit – I’m always worried those old-school prongs will damage something or get bent beyond use.

    1. I’ve used the plastic pin protectors that you often get with plugs on new appliances. However, this is much better.

  3. Robin, I couldn’t find you’re contact details on the site, (might be something worth looking at?) but I’m currently running a give away for a brand new flashlight, battery and charger which may be of interest to your readers.

    I run the Budgetlightforum facebook page, and have no commercial interest at all in the give away.

    I have one of the exact same lights for my hiking and therefore as a reader thought I should open it up to other visitors of your site.
    details can be found here
    and the facebook page here

    Hopefully you’ll consider doing a post about it, and pass it on to some of the other backpacking bloggers?
    Kind Regards

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