A few weeks after last year’s TGO Challenge, the toenail on one of my big toes fell off. Having never experienced this phenomenon before, I was quite concerned. The new toenail underneath looked a bit of a mess. I was worried that it would not grow back properly.

After just under nine months, I’m pleased to report that it has grown back successfully and looks as though nothing had happened. I’m passing this on to reassure people who suffer a loss of a toenail that they shouldn’t worry. Nature has a wonderful way of repairing the damage. For obvious reasons I’m not including photos!


6 thoughts on “Toenail”

  1. I am very glad there are no photos. I slammed my finger in a door in early december. The nail slowly went black and then started to grow out with a new nail underneath. Painless but kept snagging. Its now just finally dropped off with a brand new nail underneath (very short and wont need cutting for a while!). Amazing really.

  2. Glad it grew back. I lost four toenails, two on each foot, after completing a GORUCK Challenge last year. It probably took about 7-9 months for mine to grow back too. Trips to the pool during the summer were a lot of fun 🙂

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