Northern Fells trip – other gear observations

Ultra TRohan Ultra Silver T: I used this as a base layer for the three days I was walking, under a Patagonia R1 fleece. The ultra is made a fine gauge silver impregnated polyester, which feels like silk. It’s a brilliant base layer. While it feels warm to the touch, being very thin, it never feels hot. It flashes sweat away very quickly and never feels sodden, unlike thicker base layers. Perhaps because it doesn’t retain moisture, it never seems to smell. I often wear it casually under a shirt, but this is the first time I’ve used it for backpacking. I’m totally converted. It’s superb and incredibly light at 60g for the T. The only shame is the only colours available are black and blue.

Patagonia R1 Pullover: I’ve used this several times and really like it. The grid pattern of the underside of the fleece seems to regulate temperature better than conventional fleece. Underneath Paramo, for cold weather it was perfect. It dissipates sweat quickly. It has a good cut being neither too loose or too constrictive.

Paramo Vasco Jacket: this was ideal for the cold conditions I encountered. I really like the Vasco (no longer available, unfortunately). The venting is excellent with sleeve vents and a large floating vent across the shoulders. The removable hood is good as it can be discarded when using a hard shell in heavy rain. It’s a great jacket for cool weather and cut slimmer than most Paramo jackets. I wish it had slightly longer sleeves.

Ecco Biom Hike Mid boots: these are now thoroughly broken in and are fabulous. They are so flexible and comfortable. The deep tread provides a positive grip. I love them and am reluctant to use anything else.

Alpkit Pipedream 600 sleeping bag: this is the old style Pertex one. At just under 1kg, it’s a good cool weather sleeping bag. While the down is not up to Western Mountaineering standards, it’s still good. I used extra clothes on the two coldest nights (–4c, I sleep cold). The hood is not very good, but I now sleep with the hood from my PHD Minimus down jacket in preference to a sleeping bag hood anyway. Overall it’s a surprisingly good bag for the money. I’m looking forward to Rab introducing their water resistant down sleeping bag range. It might lead me to sell my old bags for a 400 and a 600 bag from Rab.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa (2012 version): I love this pack. Great carry. Sometimes I hanker after the old style drawstring closure with Y strap.

The rest of the gear was all stuff I’ve used for ages and worked well.

Disclaimer: all items have been bought with my own funds and I have no relationship with any of the manufacturers


5 thoughts on “Northern Fells trip – other gear observations”

  1. The Rohan ultra silver T, is very good. The good thing with it apart from the weight and just how rapid it dries, is that you hardly know you have it on yet it keeps you warm as part of the layering system. If you need to add another layer then it can be done without causing to much restriction. I like it a lot. A top piece of kit.

    1. Prefer it. Merino it great until it gets overwhelmed. Then it is cold and soggy. The Ultra is so thin that although sweat is absorbed off the skin, it evaporates rapidly and the T never feels soggy. Although it is thin, it does give some warmth. It’s quite similar in feel to silk, but better.

  2. Hi Robin, me and three walking friends have bought the Rab Nutrino 600 for the winter months. we all rate it as a great piece of kit.

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