Mountain Equipment Ibex Pant review

ibex pant

I’ve never really got on with soft shell trousers. My Macpac Mission Pants are great for winter but too warm to backpack in. The Berghaus Ortlers have lovely material but the legs are cut like sailors’ bell bottoms! My Rab Sawtooths are nearly right, but are slightly too long and baggy round the ankles.

However, the Ibex Pant Trouser is virtually perfect. The cut is superb (for me). The legs are close fitting without being tight. At the ankle, there is a V shaped insert, which can be closed with a zip, cinching the material close to your leg. This is great when wearing gaiters. Even when opened, the hem lies neatly over my boot (Ecco Biom Hike mids).

The material is quite light with a tightly woven face. Inside the material has a tricot feel to it. However, it’s not overly warm. It’s highly wind resistant, but not totally windproof. The DWR coating makes it quite water resistant as well. It has enough stretch to be comfortable.

There are two front pockets and a rear one, all closed by zips with zip pulls and have mesh linings, which is good for ventilation. Even better for ventilation are some mesh backed thigh vents (which could double as pockets if necessary). I think thigh vents are brilliant for backpacking trousers and obligatory for soft shell ones.

The waist closure has two press studs, which I like, as two is a fail safe and studs are less likely to fail than buttons. The waist has a good belt, which is semi enclosed. It annoys me when trousers don’t include a belt. The waist band is fleece lined to add to comfort.

I wore the Ibex’s for all three days of my Northern Fells trip and they were very comfortable. Despite the sunshine on day one, I didn’t overheat, especially using the vents. Day two was claggy with a bitter wind and they kept me warm. On day three, initially I used them under overtrousers and then on their own and was comfortable.

For cooler conditions, for me, these are the ideal trouser with an excellent cut. Neither too warm or too cool, they keep my legs at the right temperature, aided by the good venting options.

If I was being really picky, I’m not over keen on the large logo on the knee. I don’t like being an advertising board. I also think the rear pocket is a waste of time as I can’t see a use for it. For sizing purposes, I’m a 34″ waist and 30″ inside leg. The Large size is an almost perfect fit. For the record, mine (size L) weigh 426g. Link to Mountain Equipment website.

Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money and have no association with Mountain Equipment

16 thoughts on “Mountain Equipment Ibex Pant review”

  1. I’ve had these trousers for many years now. They’ve been on just about every walking trip with me and really show no signs of wear. The logo looks ace. 😉

    My only complaint is the front (and vent) pockets are ripe for stuff falling out. I’ve lost tons of stuff out of them (I’m a slow learner). Other than that they are brilliant.

  2. It shows just how different we walkers can be. I would not buy another pair of trousers that didn’t have a rear zipped pocket. It’s the first thing i look for, it’s a must have. Unfortunately my Montane Terra’s don’t have a rear pocket and although they are superb trousers and the ones i would rather walk in, i pick other pairs simply because of that reason.

  3. I have owned and worn a pair of these for the last 3 years, I think they are great, I’m the same size as you and for me the cut is perfect. Had a pair of TNF zip off’s before and these are so much better.

  4. I am looking for a new pair of trews having ripped my Rab VR ones whilst cycling. The Ibex feature of being able to cinch the bottom would be useful. However, looking at the ME sizing chart the 34″ waist has 31″ legs.

    I have got long legs, so Montanes end up being much too short, whilst Rab fits fine. If they really are 31″ I am sure they would be too short. ME claim they make them in long leg lengths, but like long legged Terras nobody ever has them in stock.

      1. Thanks. Amazingly it seems that Rathbones of Keswick actually have some of the long leg ones in stock. The long version is claimed to be 33″, which should be OK.

        I wish manufacturers would try harder to state the actual lengths of their garments correctly. Rab stuff seems to have long arms and legs, which suits me, whereas Montane is always too short, even though they are nominally the same size.

      2. I’ve measured the inside leg and I can confirm on the regular it is 31″. The Rab Sawtooths that I have is 32″ for the 34″ waist.

  5. This really is a question for ME, but what the heck. Do you know if the waist-measurement are to be measured just above the hipbones / my iliac crest (where i normally wear my pants) or around the thinnest part of my waist? There arent any stockists here in sweden where i could try a pair -.-


  6. I still have an old pair of dunderdons which in their time served me well – massive bellows style ‘hidden – open from the top’ pockets above normal type side pockets that where great for stuffing things like a water bottle in as you knew it would never fall out and was close to hand – never understood why manufacturers of walking clothing never put this feature in. even dunderdon don’t do that style trouser anymore which is a total shame. Never seen any like them since and probably never will but they were great as hiking trousers.

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