A mixed bag

I’ll do a fuller report when I get back at the weekend.

The weather certainly was mixed.

It was gloriously sunny on Tuesday. This is on the way to Skiddaw House.

I camped in the sheepfold near Wiley Gill.

The next day was pretty grim but at least it didn’t rain. This is on Great Lingy Hill

I was beginning to despair of finding somewhere to camp when I found a good spot below Trusmadoor. I pitched just in time before a night of wind and rain.

I packed up in light rain. I decided to go back to Braithwaite via a low route as the tops didn’t look inviting.
Tomorrow I’m off to visit Sean at OookWorks.


6 thoughts on “A mixed bag”

      1. There were two very obvious ones even before I used it. Why didn’t they ask me ? πŸ˜‰

      2. I know!

        they should realise by now that a quick conflab with your good self saves a lot of grief


  1. Nice one. Got the same tent last summer but haven’t had a chance of pitching it on the hills yet (too many tents to try out anyhow…). I’ll be interested to see what mods you suggest!

    Do report back on how Sean is doing. He’s not replying to emails right now, which is not a good sign. We need him back on his feet to make lots of customers happy with his goodies!

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