For various reasons, I’ve decided to postpone going to Dartmoor for a couple of weeks.

As an interlude, here’s one of my digital paintings (Haweswater, not Dartmoor) 🙂



8 thoughts on “Postponed”

  1. Don’t blame ya Robin. Despite my present circumstances, I was hoping to head to the Lakes this weekend. But not worth the money and hassle given the weather. Oh well. Come mid-Feb things should be lovely 😉

  2. This won’t help, but it was absolutely gorgeous out there today Robin – walked out last night after work in dark to near Erme Head. A couple of showers on the way, breezy woke up to a light frost and wall to wall blue sky/sunshine all day. Got home in time for dinner. Not such a great forecast for tomorrow though. Hope it’s good for you next time.

    1. I knew Saturdays forecast was good but Sunday was poor. there were other factors besides the weather but hopefully I’ll be able to make it soon.

  3. Hello Robin, I try to reach you this way because I couldn´t find an e-mail.
    I started a blog about the nature of the Cantabrian Mountains (northern Spain), which will have a lot of information about walking and landscape, and also about wild flowers (orchids), animals and geology which can be found in this region.
    I think those mountains are a lovely place for walking.
    The link is:
    I invite you to have a look, and if you think it´s worth it, I would appreciate a link from your website.

    Sincerely yours,

    Marius van Heiningen

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