Ecco Biom Hike Mid boots update

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I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick update on these boots as they have elicited quite a bit of interest. I’ve been wearing them every day for the last three months for dog walks. Arguably, they are overkill for walking the dog but they are just so comfortable that it’s difficult to motivate myself to use anything else.

The key to their comfort is their flexibility. While you couldn’t mistake wearing them for trainers, the sole unit is remarkably pliable. This is slightly surprising given that both the rubber tread and cushioning mid sole are quite thick. Nevertheless, they are very flexible, making walking very natural and effortless.

Despite this flexibility, they are also very stable. Some boots with thick midsoles are like walking on platforms, but not the Bioms. The deep tread has proved excellent on muddy paths. The rubber seems to be grippy on slippery hard surfaces (like our front path!), yet there is hardly any evidence of wear.

The Yak leather is lovely. It’s very soft and supple, yet there are hardly any marks on it. The colour has washed out a bit, giving a nice “distressed” patina. I’ve treated it once with Ecco leather conditioner and waterproofer. The leather still gets soaked quickly, but as I remarked on my Dartmoor trip, they seem to be quite waterproof. This will be tested on my next trip!


The rubber toe caps are a bit scuffed now, but I really like the toe caps and rand. While the toe box is quite stiff, the rand is very flexible, unlike those on many other boots. I know a lot of people claim that Goretex lined boots are very sweaty, but this has not been my experience with the Bioms.

The overall fit tends towards high volume, whereas my feet are rather dainty(!). By adding a volume reducer sole insert (Brasher 3mm), the fit is now nearly perfect. I’m also using some Sidas Comformable heat moulded insoles, which were originally for my ski boots. Despite being slightly short, they are fabulous and I’m thinking of getting another pair made.

The other tweak I’ve made is to change the laces. The ones supplied are too stretchy and I’ve swapped them for some more robust Scarpa laces. These are much better and allow for a firmer and more precise fit.

In conclusion, I really like these boots. My only hesitation is whether there will be a reoccurrence of the slight Achilles’ tendon bruising on my left foot that I suffered on Dartmoor last time. I will only know when I use them for a long walk. Hopefully I will have a definitive answer by February.

12 thoughts on “Ecco Biom Hike Mid boots update”

  1. Use Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof to make the leather of your shoes waterproof, not the spray but the sponge-on version. We use it for many years now to maintain our Meindl and Hanwag shoes. Use it once every few months and it works 100%. Even the color of leather does not change into the “wet look” if you walk trough a pool of water.



  2. Very interesting review(s) so far. Good initiative with the updates too. Especially when reviewing anything that has any goretex in it. My experience with goretex is that it stays waterproof for about 2 months of real use then they hold off water about as well as a cotton sock…(or a cotton shirt when it comes to jackets)
    Ive been using a pair of Inov8 roclites for the past year or so. And they were waterproof enough to even submerge the first two or three trips. Then they started leaking. They still hold off lighter rain but stepping in any kind of water will make my feet completely soaked.
    Im really looking forward to seeing more updates on these boots! Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Might be. What is your experience with e.g. “waterproof” jackets? Do they hold up for several months or years of use? Or is it just like with all other fabrics, when the waterproof-treatment wears out, it starts leaking? This has according to me showed itself very clear when it comes to my paclite-jacket (just as with my roclites). It was completely waterproof for about three trips, then it started soaking up water all over. And not just in the seams or something like that. But i might of course be wrong, i havent used that much gore-tex gear after all…

    1. No keen on paclite. Possibly the issue with Goretex in shoes is the flexing along a crease line which won’t happen to the same extent in a jacket. It’s also more likely to get clogged with sweat and more difficult to clean. Grit is a further problem and can pierce the membrane. This is going to be more of an issue in shoes with thin protective materials. My experience has generally been ok with membranes in boots but after a while they become less breathable, presumably because a build up of sweat.

  4. I have bought them and they are great shoes but the right shoe hurts my Achilles Tendon a lot. Any suggestions or work around to fix it ? as I don’t want to replace them. These shoes are best because of their breathability with excellent waterproofing at the same time.

    1. My boots softened up quickly. You can try manually manipulating the the cuff to soften. The other thing you can do is to do a series of short walks to break them in. You could also try a heel wedge to lift your heel a bit. Sometimes the shape of a boot just doesn’t work for your foot. I had a pair of Meindl Burmas which destroyed my feet within an hour! If you want to stay with Ecco, the Biom Terrains are a slightly different fit.

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