No TGO Challenge 2013

The envelope dropped through my letter box this morning. Not selected for the 2013 TGO Challenge. I’m a long way down the standby list as well, so unless there’s an outbreak of bubonic plague, I won’t be participating. It’s a bit of a shame after the disappointment of retiring from the last Challenge. However, I had been thinking of contingencies anyway, including a trek around the Monadhliath before they get trashed by wind turbines.


17 thoughts on “No TGO Challenge 2013”

  1. Sorry to read you news, Robin.
    I was going to say: fingers crossed for bubonic plague – but, maybe that’s going a bit too far!
    I hope plan B is a good one.
    No post here until this afternoon – so I’m chewing my toe-nails.

  2. Robin, sorry to hear that, but don’t give up. I’ve completed 7 Challenges and got in off standby for 3 of them! A friend gained a place from 119 on standby a few years ago! Always good to have a plan B up your sleeve though!

    1. I’m number 68, so on that basis, I’m definitely in! The main disappointment that I’m not going to be meeting some of the Challengers that I met on this year’s Challenge. The compensation is that I can do a less structured walk.

  3. Number 68 could come up but, if not, you could try

    – Great Orme to Worms Head
    – Showell Styles Bay to Bay Walk
    – Ullapool to Cape Wrath
    – A Big Circuit from Moffat in the Borders
    – Settle to Alston
    – Cycling the length of the Hebrides

    All could be excellent if May gives the right weather.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Sorry to hear you haven’t made it, but as many have said, you could a) still be in with a chance or b) do something completely different.
    I’ve never done the TGO and was hoping to apply for next years – circumstances sadly do not permit though so I’m thinking of something with a Welsh flavour for next summer. The midges are just as vicious in Snowdonia now!

  5. sorry to hear that you did,nt get in but if it makes you feel any better my bribe to the wife has to date eaten the zip of my fleece and two sky remote controls and my camera

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