The return of OookWorks

As some of you will have gathered from his blog, Sean at OookWorks has been through a difficult time recently. However, it looks like he’s found a more permanent place and that normal service will be resumed soon. His new contact details are on his web site. Best wishes in your new home, Sean.

My Duomid with an OookWorks hybrid inner


20 thoughts on “The return of OookWorks”

  1. I ordered my OookWorks nest at the same time as my MLD Duomid (cuben). MLD sent my Duomid months ago right on time. I’ve got a pile of promises in my Inbox but no sign of the nest 😦 So that’s David and me, is there anyone else in the OookWorks “backlog”?

      1. There’s a phone number. Phone or text. I’m sure he will get back to you. Sean is a friend. I have no commercial links with him.

    1. I ordered my nest in June (!)…so in theory David I’m ahead of you in the production schedule. Robin I shouldn’t probably do this through your blog but since you’ve got a bunch of followers – if I can at least figure out if there are a number of others in the same boat I’ll not get a persecution complex. BTW, the OookWorks site was not working on 9 November.

    2. He’s ordered satellite broadband. Don’t know whether it’s up and running yet. There’s a phone number if you need to contact him. I’m sure he’s doing his best.

  2. David and Cumbrian. I’ve texted Sean to let him know you’ve commented on my blog. If I were you I’d text or phone him, but at least he knows you’ve commented.

  3. Hi folks,
    Thanks for this Robin. I’ve just driven to my friend’s place to check on things.
    Still waiting for my satellite broadband, I’m afraid. Incredibly frustrating not having internet access on top of everything else.
    David – I’ve just emailed you.
    Graham – Shipping next week. Incredibly sorry for the length of your wait. No idea why the site was down – must have just been a glitch.

    Once again, as I’ve tried to explain on my blog, I am way behind schedule but doing my best to catch up.

  4. My nest was shipped by Sean yesterday (20/11) and arrived today, I’ve just given it a cursory look over and will check it out at the weekend.

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