A short guide to the Howgills

The Howgill Fells are a neglected hillwalking gem. Standing cheek by jowl with the Lake District, they tend to get overlooked. It’s a long time since I’ve been there (over thirty years), but I have good memories of them. Each time I head up the M6, I look to the right and make a mental note to revisit them. However, so far I’ve not done so. Lonewalker has just published an excellent short guide to the Howgills. He gives some links to the walks he’s done, plus, joy of joys, he gives some parking suggestions. Well worth popping over to his blog for a read.


5 thoughts on “A short guide to the Howgills”

  1. Don’t encourage people Robin. Let them all go to the Lakes and leave the Howgills in relative peace and quiet. Nasty, boring hills, not worth visiting, on no.

  2. Shhhh ….. Don’t spoil it for those of us who are in the know!

    Actually, the Howgill’s is probably the (walking) world’s worst kept secret. There’s a Cicerone guide out now, so the hordes will no doubt come flocking soon. But it is a great area – and I like the photo you posted.

  3. I hope folks didn’t go to the Howgills this weekend expecting a quiet backwater. It was the venue for the Original Mountain Marathon with rather a lot of runners/orienteers/backpackers out for two days and a night ! Any other time it’s very quiet – go now before it gets better known when it’s included in the expanded National Park

  4. Very topical this as I just did the OMM and I think pretty much everyone was really impressed with the place and would go back. Apart from the competitors I only saw 2 old guys on the Sunday walking in the clag and nobody on the clear Saturday. Chatting to the B&B owner in Sedbergh on Sunday and he said they get a lot of people doing the Dales Way using sherpa type services and that the new Dales Highway also goes through there so it will get a bit busier but still nothing like the Lakes or the Dales on the PW.

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