Wenger Evo Grip Nail Clip Pocket Knife

I’m a sucker for penknives. I’ve got loads of them. I usually carry a small Wenger 616 Swiss Army knife with me. It’s the lightest penknife (21g) with a blade, nail file and scissors. It also has a some tweezers and a toothpick. Much as I love it, the one draw back is not being able to cut my nails left handed with the scissors. Over the years my nails have become more brittle and I find they break alarmingly easily when I’m backpacking. I currently carry a cheap pair of nail clippers in addition. Recently, I spotted the Wenger Evo Grip Nail Clip Pocket Knife. It weighs 38g, which is slightly heavier than the 616 and nail clippers combined, but it’s a lovely bit of engineering and the nail clippers are far superior. The larger size of the body and the evo grip gives it a more substantial feel than its smaller stable mate. It’s what I’ll be carrying in the future.

Disclosure: I bought this with my own money

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