Gossamer Gear Mariposa 2012 lid mod

I really like the new Mariposa. However, one thing I have found is that the shock cord that closes the roll-over lid keeps getting in the way when packing. Yesterday, I had a eureka moment, when I realised that a small karabiner could do the job just as effectively but get rid of the tangle of shock cord.

Old shock cord system before tightening

Shock cord system tightened

New system with mini karabiner

New system closed

It’s really quick and easy to use and much neater. The grosgrain loops are large enough to thread the opened end of the karabiner through easily.


7 thoughts on “Gossamer Gear Mariposa 2012 lid mod”

    1. Fair points although most of the time it should be fine. It’s not as fiddly as I thought it might be. If it doesn’t suit, it’s not irreversible.

  1. Great idea. Just finished a couple Sierra hikes with Expedition Bearikade in my new Gorilla. The shock cord was always getting in the way. I’ll be trying this on next hike.

  2. I don’t bother with a cord or beaner – I simply fold lid over and it seals just fine. I suppose if you have a very large load, it might be more of a problem; however, even on extended trips, I find the Mariposa to be more than roomy enough that I never fill any higher than the top of the aluminum stay.

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