Rab Sawtooth Jacket

I’ve largely steered clear of soft shell jackets, preferring heavier, but more water resistant Paramo. Everyone keeps telling me, Paramo is too heavy and warm for summer, although I’ve found it works for me and I’ve rarely been too hot. I’ve tried the wind-proof shell with thin fleece lining approach of the Rab Vapour-rise and Marmot Driclime. Neither of these jackets really worked for me. This is as much design issue as the materials. Neither have good venting sleeves, although the Vapour-rise does have good pocket vents.

Enter the Rab Sawtooth jacket. Unlike the Vapour-rise, this has proper venting sleeves that can be opened and rolled up. The chest pockets should also vent better as they have mesh linings. Personally, I would prefer to have conventional chest pockets that you can put your hands in rather than Napoleon pockets.

It’s a very simple, unfussy jacket with a draw cord hem and neck. There’s no hood, so it should layer well under a hard shell. Inside the collar, there is a thin fleece lining. The material is very stretchy and feels a lot more air permeable than the Vapour-rise range, so should be more comfortable in summer.

It has a a DWR coating to ward off light rain, but I wouldn’t expect it to be particularly water proof. However, it should dry quickly. It weighs 407g for a Medium, almost spot on the advertised weight on the UOG website, and 33g lighter than the weigh on the Rab web site.

The weather forecast for next week is mixed, so it should get a reasonable test. I’m intrigued to see how it performs.


6 thoughts on “Rab Sawtooth Jacket”

  1. Robin,

    i think the VR stuff depends on the jacket rather than the entire range. Also I’m not sure how long ago you had one but my (around 6 month old) VR Tour (lite – possibly) looks exactly the same as your picture apart from the fact mines got a hood and a small pass pocket on the left shoulder.
    I can undo the velcro at the wrists and get the sleeves over my elbows and it also has pit zips and heavily perforated linings to the napoleon pockets.

    1. I’ve got the VR Lite jacket which in many ways is good but the sleeves are part Velcro, part elastic and they are a tight squeeze to get over my elbows. The Sawtooth has wider sleeves and is easy.

  2. I looked at one of these when i was looking for a softshell earlier this year. I eventually settled for the (heavier but more suited to my cooler month’s needs) Haglofs Fang.

    For me, it didn’t quite hit the mark – but of course we all have different shapes, needs and comfort levels, so that’s not a criticism of the product – more a personal observation. And I’m very happy with what I got.

    But glad to hear you are finding it a good addition to your kit, and – like others, I guess – look forward to further findings! 🙂

    1. Haglofs make good stuff, but I didn’t want a hood and I didn’t want Windstopper. I’ve found that Rab is a good fit for me. The Fang looks a very nice jacket, but for that weight I prefer Paramo.

  3. Not seen one up front. Material and colour looks like my Boreas but i presume it’s a heavier weight soft shell material. It looks good. I hope it will cope with a bit of weather otherwise i think its use could be limited.

    1. It’s a bit heavier than the Boreas, but lighter than a lot of soft shells. Once they get to around 600g I’d rather wear Paramo. The DWR seems good. Looks like I’ll need it next week 😉

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