Patch update 3

I thought I’d better give a quick update on Patch’s progress. We took her to the vet yesterday to have her stitches removed. The vet is pleased with her. She seems to have good movement in her knee joint and there appears to be no infection. However, just in case, she’s still on antibiotics. She’s now quite lively when we take her out in the garden. The challenge is to restrict her for the next month while the bone heals completely. All things considered she’s been a good patient and we are very happy with her progress.



4 thoughts on “Patch update 3”

  1. She’s doing really well, Good luck with trying not to let her get to active. Know what that’s like when my Patch has problems with his back. Love the pic, again. So amazing, it’s like looking at pics of my dog.

  2. Glad to see Patch doing well. I remember when one of my dog’s broke a bone in her neck. she had a cast on for weeks and was miserable!

    PS, congrats on 1/2 a million hits on the blog!!! 🙂

    1. Cheers. Apart from the first 48 hours, she’s been quite chipper. Even more so after the stitches were removed.

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