Summer shutdown

It looks likely that with Patch’s convalescence and trying to juggle family time, that I will be unable to get out backpacking until September. Patch is doing very well, but it will be mid-July until the bone has healed and then she needs probably another six weeks until she is fully fit. We also have school holidays and seeing parents to fit in, not to mention a Test match. Trying to squeeze in some walking is going to be really difficult, especially as looking after a recovering dog is so time intensive. In which case, I can’t see there’s going to much to write about on this blog. There may be an occasional snippet to pass on. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out in the autumn. I certainly want to do a week in September, probably on Dartmoor. I’ll leave you with a Challenge photo of Loch Etive.


11 thoughts on “Summer shutdown”

  1. Hi Robin. Great pic of Loch Etive. Was it taken by an all weather horse exercise area by a small bridge? I think it was my camp on the saturday of TGO before the rains came. Regards john

  2. Enjoy the summer Robin. I was at Edgbaston on Friday for another wash-out, so hope you have better luck with the weather. I’m heading to the Dolomites in two weeks so I may even update my blog…finally!
    And yes, great photo!

  3. Robin, that photo of Loch Etive reminds me that I haven’t been there for a few years now or even got the best conditions while I was there; you seem to have got what I haven’t experienced yet. That balance needs redressing! Hope you have a good summer and that memories like the above sustain you.

  4. As a regular reader of the blog and lover of dogs I almost knew what was coming. I just hoped it wouldn’t. I love reading about your walks and being able to tell your passion for getting out and exploring (as well as Patch clearly having a good time). That said we all need a break sometimes, if not just to look after yourself and your family. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and that Patch’s leg continues to heal. Awesome snap!


  5. I just posted a comment and then wordpress removed it saying I hadn’t logged in whoops. Anyway once again… As a regular reader I am sorry to hear you are needing to take a break (hopefully you will keep blogging though) but with this said sometimes we all need to take a break. Things like family, pets and yourself need care an attention too not just our lovely mountains. Hope you have a wonderful summer, nice snap. Andy

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