The angry wasps have arrived

In my search for the ideal trail shoes I’ve mainly looked at Salomon and Montrail. I’ve tried Adidas, Inov-8 and Hi-Tec as well. Montrail seem to have changed their fit. Adidas don’t quite work. Inov-8 aren’t quite right. Salomon fit but the soles aren’t up to the job in their trail shoes. Everyone raves over the La Sportiva Raptors. I tremble slightly buying shoes mail order in a make that I have no experience of. However, I need to try trail shoes properly to see whether they will work for me instead of boots.

The Raptors arrived today. The moment of truth had arrived. Would they fit? I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on. They seem to fit rather well. Of course putting them on inside doesn’t really test them but I can usually tell quickly whether they will work or not and I’m hopeful that these will. In addition to just wearing socks, I tried them with my Rocky Goretex socks and with some NRS neoprene socks and they seem to accommodate both well.

I’m not going to give you a description or review as there are numerous other blogs that have already done that. It’s going to be a while before I can give them a thorough workout, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping that they will cure my bruised toe problem as well. There’s certainly some decent wiggle room and they seem to have a secure lacing system.

Angry wasps? Yeah, that’s what they look like. I think I would have preferred a slightly more muted colour scheme, but fit and function are more important than looks.



8 thoughts on “The angry wasps have arrived”

  1. I love my Raptors. I have encountered a problem with the sole unit though – a chunk seems to be peeling away like an onion on one of the heels. I’ll write more about this, with pictures in a week or so’s time. They stick to rock like glue and are very comfortable indeed.

  2. I had a pair of something v similar – Wildcats they were called. Nice and comfy but the studs came off the sole pretty easily on their first walk – 20 miles round Cross Fell. So back to the shop they went….

    By way of contrast the sole on the inovs8 i wore on the TGO are in great nick, but the uppers tore on day 2.

    I don’t expect any of these shoes to really last so never buy at full price….

    1. I bought these discounted. They seem quite solid, but we shall see. In many ways, I like Inov-8s but they just don’t work for me (I’ve had two pairs).

  3. I’m using their Crosslites at the moment and been v impressed, these look a little sturdier again. Finally fully converted to trail shoes for Spring – Autumn 🙂

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