Challenge feet

I’ve been lucky over the years that I’ve not suffered too many problems with my feet. However, I have become increasingly susceptible to bruised toes, for some reason. Last year on the Peddars Way, the big toe on my left foot was particularly bad. The whole toe nail went black. By the time of the Challenge it had half grown out. By the third day of the Challenge, the toe nail looked as though it was going to fall off. It had become rather sore as well. I taped it with micropore tape, which stabilised it. My other big toe also developed some bruising, not so serious though. I also had some minor bruising on some of the other toes. I suspect I’m not lacing my boots tight enough for downhill stretches. I’ll have to pay more attention in future. The good news is the bruising has finally gone down and the toe nail has stabilised without tape. I’m sure I’ll lose some of it in the next six months. Those of a nervous disposition may want to avoid looking at the picture below.



6 thoughts on “Challenge feet”

  1. Second toe on my right foot looks just like that, but a more trippy purple – as a trail runner it seems to just happen sometimes, though I am thinking about going up a half-size in my shoes, as I worry that they may be a little snug once my feet expand. Also developed a corn on the bottom of one toe, never had a corn before, what’s that all about?

  2. Those toes seem all too familiar! I think you’ve ‘nailed it’ (sorry!) that you need to really secure your boots well against downhill slippage. I’ve used gel toe protectors (see all gel toe cap). Cheap, light, comfy and protect against bad damage. It’s also worth learning how to trefine bruised nails , it seems barbaric but it sure helps relieve pressure and it can save the nail.

    1. I’ve tended to keep lacing a bit loose. I’ll have to tighten laces up when going down hill. I’ve been using some Superdrug gel toe protectors. They’ve helped but the problem on my big toe stems from the autumn when I bruised it badly.

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