Dog update

Well Patch was operated on today and it was a success, although a slightly more complex operation than anticipated. Her leg now needs to be immobile for at least two weeks and subject to as little strain as possible for a further four weeks. How do you do that with a Jack Russell? She’s a bit distressed but ok. Looks like I’m not going anywhere for probably six weeks. It will give some time for my toe to get sorted. It’s a lot less tender now than when I finished the Challenge. I may see a chiropodist about the nail soon, but it seems to have stabilised.


9 thoughts on “Dog update”

  1. Glad to see Patch on the mend. From a purely selfish point of view I will pencil you in for a July visit! 🙂

      1. No, understandable and that’s fine. Me and the Beacons will still be here when patch is fully fit again 🙂

  2. Good luck over the next 6 weeks with Patch. It is important to follow your vets advice so that Patch can make a fully recovery. I’m sure there’s lots of house work and spring cleaning you could be getting on with ?!

  3. This is weird…have been your blog for a while now. Was very interested to hear of your dog’s leg problem, actually you helped me diagnose the problem my dog PATCH, jack russell cross, possibly has. He started hopping on three legs a few months ago. Then he’d be ok, then start hopping again. After looking the condition up on the web I’ll be getting my patch checked out next time I go to vet’s. Anyway shame about you having to cut short your challenge. Look forward to following your reports on patch and your adventures.

    1. In hindsight we should have bitten the bullet and had the op earlier. She had a couple of small ulcers on her bone, which might have been avoided if we had acted earlier. She should make a full recovery as long as she is largely inactive over next the six weeks, the time it takes for the bone to heal. Our delay made it worse. The vet knows best. Knee problems are quite common in dogs, especially small ones. It’s lucky I’m retired and can stay at home as she needs lots of TLC. Best wishes for your Patch.

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