TGO Challenge finished

Unfortunately I’ve had to quit the Challenge today having contracted stomach bug. I was camping at Dalwhinnie. In the night I started to get painful cramps and had a couple of unpleasant visits to the toilet. Fortunately the public toilets had been left open.

I didn’t get much sleep. I checked the weather outlook at around 5 o’clock on my iPhone. The answer was cold (just above freezing) and wet for the next three days.

I was faced with the decision of staying a day to see if it would improve and make some long walks or head home.

The fact that Dalwhinnie is a straightforward place to get home from was one factor. Secondly, I really didn’t fancy the prospect of at least two days of long walks while not feeling good, particularly with a gastric issue.

I didn’t see the point in sucking the enjoyment out of the Challenge by flogging myself. It’s meant to be a holiday, after all, not an endurance test, so I felt the best course was to come home.

The other Challengers were sympathetic and I think the general consensus was it was sensible given the weather outlook.

There’s no point in a post mortem. Who knows how or why I caught a bug? It’s just one of those things.

On the bright side, I’ve had some good walking and met some lovely people. While there is disappointment, there are also good memories. You can train all you like, but illness is not something you can legislate for.


25 thoughts on “TGO Challenge finished”

  1. Very bad luck there, an infuriating thing to happen. I agree that all the factors point to an honourable retreat, especially as you say being near a rail station. Walking in miserable conditions with a miserable condition – not sensible and not the kind of challenge needed!.
    It does seem like you have a bit of a history of susceptibility, I remember you were going down with a cold not long ago on a wild camp.

  2. So sorry to hear about your withdrawal but always better to come home if unwell.Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am sorry you had to stop the Challenge early, but it’s good that you got as far as Dalwinnie!

  4. Definitely the right decision under the circumstances.
    Never feels good to make that decision, though 😦

  5. All things considered, Dalwhinnie isn’t a bad place to come down with something. Obviously miles from home, there’s nothing quite like walking through the front door when feeling ill, but better Dalwhinnie than a remote summit.

    1. That was my thought as well. It would have been worse in the middle of nowhere with no facilities and a long walk out. 😦

  6. great shame Robin – after all your preparations ! But as you say you can’t anticipate some things. I think it’s called life.
    Good though you had 6 days good walking and some good memories to bring back.
    There’s always another day.

    1. Thanks Charles. Yes things don’t always work out and illness is just a hazard of living. There’s always another day and I’ll try another time. The six days I had were great, even stormy Sunday.

  7. Hope you feel fighting-fit again soon, Robin. Perhaps you’ll get an opportunity to go back, start again where you left off and finish your challenge in your own time.

    1. Thanks. Quite frankly, a stomach bug pales in comparison to the trials and tribulations you’ve suffered. Hope you can get things sorted as well.

      1. LOL, maybe all of us crocked outdoorsy-bloggers should have a meet somewhere and have a good old whinge. I’m thinking of suitable venues right now, the first that springs to mind is the front lawn of the QE in Brum…

  8. Well done Robin, decisions have to be made and you made one. There will be many more Challenges to come.

    Bit p***** off we couldn’t bump into each other – still that’s an excuse for another trip maybe?


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