Swapping and culling

Having packed a bit early, it’s given me an opportunity to reassess some of my choices. Phil in his comments, made me re-think my gilet strategy. I was going to swap my Marmot Driclime for a warmer gilet from Gap (of all places!). However, my Haglofs LIM Barrier Primaloft smock weighs the same, but is warmer. It also gives me another layering option. So that’s coming instead of the gilet.

The Barrier smock means I can leave out one long sleeved top, so the Berghaus Xstatic long sleeve gets the chop, leaving me with a Rohan shirt (Pacific) which I will sleep in. It also gives me an option in the unlikely event we get blazing hot sunshine. Weight saving 162g. Next I’ve swapped my Lowe Alpine Mountian cap for a wind resistant Mountain Hardwear beanie, saving 50g. I’ve downsized my battery extender, saving 50g. I’ve also changed my leggings to a lighter pair saving 77g (I had experimented with a heavier pair than on the list). I’m only taking the 2L Source water bladder, leaving the 1L one behind, saving 31g.

That little lot saves me 370g. If I were to leave the umbrella behind, it would push the weight saving to a more useful 580g. I have to say, having banged on about umbrellas, I’m reluctant to leave it behind! The other interesting experiment, prompted by a comment from Charles was to repack the gear into my Ultrahike rucksack. I was surprised to find that it seemed more of a squeeze than the Mariposa. Perhaps I didn’t take as much care packing. Anyhow, I’m comfortable with the Mariposa. Total weight carried is the same as I’ve carried before and the pack itself is about 400g lighter.

Even before the umbrella, my base weight should be back down to around 10kg. Leaving the brolly behind, would get me under the magic 10kg. Can I bear the sacrifice?


10 thoughts on “Swapping and culling”

  1. I seem to always to reach for my Rab Generator Vest! It’s extremely packable and actually fits into the chest pocket without the usual wrestle that many other manufacturers like to purport! I was in Cotswolds yesterday and tried the smock version on and it really was a superb garment!

    I like the umbrella idea and I too have a small M&S one that weighs in at 350gsm I’ve often wondered what a poncho would be like on the hill? In wind it may get blown about but surely it’d save donning the over less often.

    When you’re back it’ll be interesting to hear your opinions on what you would’ve taken and omitted…

    1. If the forecast wasn’t so cold, I’d take a gilet. My M&S brolly only weighs 212g and is surprisingly robust. It’s worth coating the canopy with Fabsil as it’s not very water resistant.

    2. I have the Smock version of the generator. Excellent bit of kit and it does pack easily into its own pocket. Not sure about the non through handwarmer pockets tho!

  2. I think the umbrella might be useful to have, in case of rain or sunhine =) So I’d keep it, even if it pushes you above the 10 kg mark.

  3. How about a event pin stiped suit and bowler hat combo! Got to look smart for the hill! Umbrellas, actually they’re a great idea!

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