Will it all go in?

Today I assembled all the gear I’m proposing to take and the food for the first leg. Laid out on the floor, you wonder whether it will all fit in. Laid out, it looks an awful lot.


However, it all goes inside relatively easily. The weight with three days food is 12.75kg. There are still some small odds and ends to add, but I think that’s reasonable, given I’m carrying some warmer gear and the Scarp.


I’m not going to give you a list at the moment because there might be some last minute changes. The most unusual item I’m taking is a pair of rubber gloves. This is not for potential tick operations, but because on Dartmoor my hands really suffered from the cold wind and wetting and drying. The backs of my hands were raw. Hopefully using rubber gloves when filling water bottles etc will prevent a recurrence.


14 thoughts on “Will it all go in?”

  1. Strewth, Cobber!
    Someone’s had your rucksack lid away! That’s a handy dual use of those fishnet tights, I must say! Very Ultra-lightweight wotsit…

  2. Why, Robin, I can see, from what you’ve laid out that, there’s one piece of vital equipment that is missing.

  3. I see you are taking the Mariposa Plus. Just wondering with all that weight if you
    might find the your Lightwave Ultrahike 60 a better carry. I have found it be the
    most comfortable rucksack I have used in all my years so far. For weights over 20/25
    pounds I prefer it to the Mariposa. There is a slight weight penalty though ,, but worth it I think.

    1. I’ve found the Mariposa fine for the weights I’ve carried. I carried a similar load in the Cairngorms in 2009, with one very long day, so I don’t anticipate problems. I agree the Ultrahike is an alternative. I may repack into the Ultrahike and see how it feels.

  4. Robin, Why can’t you drink alcohol ? I have the Golite Jam. I think it has a capacity of 50L and it is a big 50L. I think the max weight carry is 12kg. Better to use what you know and already have and I certainly shouldn’t be suggesting you buy even more gear!

    1. I’ve suffered from migraines for last 20 years. Alcohol is one trigger. Its just not worth getting one for the sake of a beer. You get used to it. Not particularly bothered by it now.

      1. Oh thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was a requirement of TGO. Occassionaly at mid summer I go on a long walk over 2 days with some friends and one was keen not to have any caffiene just because he thought it would be healthy.

      2. Definitely not a requirement of the TGOC. Quite the reverse. I need to drink at least two cups of tea a day, otherwise I get a migraine. Forgot tea bags on a trip once. Had the worst migraine ever.

  5. Hopefully that is your only medical complaint. I didn’t know Tea helped to stop Migraines from occurring. I guess it is different for different people.

    1. I think it is caffeine. Body gets used to a certain amount and if it doesn’t get it, it complains 🙂

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