Done and dusted

A trip to the Post Office today left my wallet substantially lighter, but my food parcels are safely on their way. In some ways it feels like cheating sending parcels ahead, but it does remove the worry of finding food along the way. While I can survive on what I’ve sent, I will be supplementing it along the way with some proper meals from hotels and restaurants. Total weight was 6.7kg for the best part of ten days food split into three parcels.

Weather is now becoming a bit of a preoccupation. I’ve been looking at for forecasts of the jetstream, which is an important determinant of the weather we get. If the forecast is to be believed, the weather for the first week of the Challenge should be a bit more settled.

Netweather also give local forecasts, which suggest the same. It could be a bit cold with northerly winds. I need to make my mind up on clothing, sleeping bag and mat. I’m going to do a test pack on Saturday to see how it all fits and how heavy. My guess is that it will be around 10kg base weight.

The only other job is to tidy paperwork like maps, route sheet and some odds and ends. A major success was to find an old style school exercise book in WH Smith for a diary and notes. I’m going to have to be more disciplined than lately and write some notes for each day, which I’ve got out of the habit of doing. Also this weekend, I’d better put together a report for my Dartmoor trip.


12 thoughts on “Done and dusted”

  1. Well done Robin – I ordered a scattering of Fuizion stuff today and had it shipped directly to Kincraig rather than posting it to me first – thrifty eh?

    I have just test-packed and am at 13.5kg fully loaded with 4 days of food and 3l of water and the trekking poles at 350g strapped to my pack. Oh, and Louise Evans Smartube too, but that will be offloaded at day minus-1. I won’t need 3l of water and I will be using the poles so I reckon day 1 pack weight will be 11kg – which is groovy.

    I know I have got the logistics all to cock but I am pretty much gonna learn as I go. The pack will only get lighter……

    Nice news re the jetstream, hope it behaves for the 2nd week – I would love a couple of days of sunshine across the way.

    1. That’s pretty similar to the weight I’ll be carrying. I’ve erred slightly on the side of caution.

    1. All up wt is about 14kg inc clothes worn plus 2.5kg food/gas, technology is c.1kg. True base weight is about 10kg.

      I’ve gone for warmer clothes and probably will take new Exped Downmat UL which is a tad heavier. Also taking Scarp to ensure no worries about camping.

      Need to have a test pack tomorrow so there might be minor changes.

  2. Best wishes for the path and journey ahead of you Robin, one day I keep telling myself, one day…..

  3. 6.7kg for 10 days food sounds very light. I have heard you should estimate 1kg per day, but that is for hillwalking and also I’m not sure if that is dried food or not. I would be interested to know what you’re taking. You’ve probably told us this already when I wasn’t paying a attention.

    1. I will be able to get some meals at restaurants etc, so it’s not every meal for 10 days. I’ve included a little bit extra so I could probably survive. With the exception of pita bread and primula, everything else is dried or packets. 1kg per day is quite conservative I’d say. Depends on what heavy stuff you take like fresh fruit.

  4. The northerly winds have started today. It’s about 10°C cooler (at 5°C, without wind chill) than yesterday and we have had hail this morning.

      1. A chilly Challenge would suit me. Cool nights when I’m tucked up in my bag, and clear skies with some sun during the day when I’m walking. I’m going to pack today; I only need a few extra odds and ends, like some cheese and nuts, so I should have everything packed up before I go back to work on Tuesday. Hopefully I can avoid the Thursday night panic this year! See you up there, Robin!

      2. Thanks Judith. I’m basically sorted. Just need to pack to make everything fits 🙂

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