Computer restore

Well after nearly two weeks without a PC,  I went to PC World yesterday and bought a new PC (minus monitor). I bought a Lenovo H330, which looks reasonable for £360. It’s quite a neat, slim PC case. In common with all slim PCs, the DVD player is vertical, which is bit awkward, but that’s the sacrifice you make for a small case. It took me a substantial chunk of yesterday copying data from my home sever (thank goodness all the data was backed up) and loading programs.

My greatest concern was restoring my mail file in Outlook. The repair shop put my old hard disk in a USB caddy, so I could access the latest file. Typical of Microsoft is the way they hide the mail file. After a couple of attempts, I manged to find it and restore it. The one thing was missing was my address book. Fortunately that was doubled in my iPhone, so that was easy to restore. There were minor palpitations when I thought I’d lost my mapping software (Tracklogs) but I found it in the end.

Everything seems to working. My old PC was quite old, so everything is a lot faster. The boot time is very impressive. The graphics also seem to be sharper. The one hassle is I couldn’t transfer my TV card as Dell seem to have made it incompatible with a non Dell PC. I’ll get a new one when I get back from the TGOC. Today’s job, delayed from yesterday is to pack my food parcels and take them to the Post Office.


3 thoughts on “Computer restore”

  1. I’m glad you got all your data back and you have IT again. I suppose PCs are really quite cheap now compared with say 10 years ago. We have an iMac which cost about £1200 – I’m not convinced they are worth so much more. About your parcels, is this a special service you use?

    1. I’m just using normal PO special delivery. Always been reliable in the past. I’m asking hotels to email to confirm receipt.

      iMacs are nice but means a load of new software and a new way of doing things. Life’s too short!

  2. Thank you Robin,
    My wife used Apple Macs 20 or more years ago in Nursery School where she worked and that is why she still likes to use them today. I agree with what you say. I use a PC at work daily and I don’t know how to do what I want to do on the Mac when I get home. _ I usually just search the internet at home anyway. Our office is to get new laptops and we can choose between a 1.5kg Toshiba Intel Core i3 (2.30Ghz) processor or a heavier Toshiba Tecra R850 which is 2.4kg but has a faster processor Intel Core i5 (2.5/3.2 (turbo )GHz). We do database SQL processing on annonymous patient records. We don’t take the laptops from the office very much so I think I will choose the heavier , but faster laptop they are both about the same price.

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