PC dead

My PC’s motherboard has failed and it’s impossible to replace. All my data is backed up to a server and I’m getting the old hard disk back in a caddy to access. However, it’s a real pain to have to buy a new CPU and load all the software. I think I’ve found a reasonable unit at PC World, so a trip beckons tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “PC dead”

      1. I was preparing myself for a complete reinstall of Windows 7 and a tidy up, which was overdue.

  1. I am at this very moment trying my damnedest to access my original terabyte drive that bit the dust last week. I’ve since rebuilt whats left of the PC (along with a new drive and power supply and better cooling) into a new case as that’s what killed it I think (poor cooling and lots of vibration) and if I ever have to re install win-doze again in the near future I may have breakdown of sorts myself!

    Good luck with it!

    1. Cheers. Very frustrating. The only thing I’m worried about is getting back my emails in Outlook. I think I know where they are! I should be able to access the old hard drive. Visit to PC World this morning. Deep joy!

  2. Best of luck Robin – If it’s not too late, let me know what your budget is. There are some smaller scale producers who will give you a much better spec for your dosh and ensure that it’s upgradeable for the future. As an ex-gamer I reinstall windows yearly so although it’s a pain, most of it is backed up all the time. Dropbox is definitely worth a shout for keeping core files permanently safe.

    1. Thanks. You’re probably right about a bespoke machine. I’ve bought a cheapish Lenovo from PCWorld without a monitor for the moment. The failure of the Dell caught me a bit on the hop, although the home server has backed up all the files except my Outlook mail file, which hopefully I’ll be able to retrieve from the old hard disk.

    1. Spent most of today buying one then reloading software. It’s done now. At least it’s a lot faster than the old one.

      1. there’s always an upside 🙂

        I dont think I would have the patience 😦

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